Easy A-Line Skirt and Skort by Dandelions n Dungarees

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 1.04.44 AM.png

Hi there!  I’m Kari from That's Sew Kari with a review of The Easy A-Line Skirt & Skort by Dandelions ‘n’ Dungarees.  This quick skirt is super easy to sew and comes with optional attached shorts underneath.  Pieces are included for both knit and woven (knit is nested on the woven pieces).  There are also additional size groups: NB - 24m (Baby) and 8  16 (Tween/Teen) so all your girls can enjoy a new skirt.  There’s even a free Dolly Skirt available in the Dandelions ‘n’ Dungarees Facebook group!

This pattern is actually my first time trying a Dandelions ‘n’ Dungarees pattern.  As I was putting together the checklist for this review, I realized all the YES boxes were able to be checked (with the exception of the line that was not applicable).  That’s impressive.

Since we are headed into winter here, I decided to sew a wool skirt to wear over tights.  Because she will always have tights on, I opted against the undershorts.  Although, I will be using it when the weather warms up because she only likes to wear skirts.  (Seriously, I have made nearly a bazillion skirts.)

According to her measurements, I made a 3 width/4 length with slightly tighter elastic in the waist.  I utilized the layers option (LOVE that!) to make it super easy to mix sizes.  My finished length did end up 1” shorter than the finished length, however.  I measured my pattern pieces and took away the seam allowances and hem allowance and end up with my finished length.  I contacted the designer about the discrepancy;  I heard back right away and the issue has been fixed!

Despite the skirt ending up shorter than intended, it still turned out super cute.  I just have to make sure my daughter doesn’t grow for a couple months.  Haha.  She loves it though and obviously had fun at her photoshoot.