Clementine Dress by My Little Plumcake

I'm not sure what it is about whirly, twirly dresses that send girls of all ages into a swirling tizzy. The more ruffles, the more instant spin gratification! This newest dress from My Little Plumcake is no exception. Keep reading to see what Alexis and Ari have to say about it!

Let's get ready to RUFFLE!!!!

Clementine Dress by My Little Plumcake- Pattern Revolution

Hello! Alexis from My Sweet Sunshine here to share the Clementine Dress by My Little Plumcake. This is my first pattern with her and I was quite taken by the design and style of this dress.  Bohemian is one of my favorite styles and the Clementine Dress delivers!! It features 3 options­ Lotta Ruffles, Little Bit of Ruffle and Not the Frilly Type.   I choose Little Bit of Ruffle which was option B. Perfect balance of flowing ruffles without too much fluff for a 10 yr old. I was quite shocked when after trying the dress on for the first time my daughter proclaimed, “I would wear this dress”. WHAT!?  Coming from a girl who could wear soccer clothes and tennis shoes every day, this was a big deal. We both loved the “V” shaped bodice (tip: this can be tricky to achieve, so stitch slowly)  and you can't forget the full skirt!

The fabric I used on the Clementine is from Hello, Bear Collection by Art Gallery Fabrics/Going Home to Roost. The shoes are by Joyfolie.

The Clementine pattern has easy to follow sewing instructions and great visuals. It is important to read through the instructions first so that the cutting instructions make more sense. In addition to the main fabric, the instructions have the option of a liner and/or sheer layers so your dress could have up to 3 layers total. This is important to know when you are reading the cutting chart. You may have noticed the size 8 dress was a tad bit short on my daughter. No need to worry though, the pattern has been updated and roughly 2” was added to the length. No other issues noted with sizing. Speaking of sizes, this pattern comes in a HUGE size range, 6M to 10Y.  Like I mentioned earlier I made option B which called for using a rolled hem on both top and bottom edges. I must admit this was my first rolled hem and wow it was so easy to do. I think I will be using it much more often. I do have a tip for adding the bottom tier to the top tier without using a ton of pins, WONDER TAPE!! I rolled out the wonder tape along the edge of the top tier and pressed the bottom tier on, use a few pins throughout just to double secure.  I look forward to seeing what you make with your Clementine Dress Pattern!!!

See you later!


Anyone that knows me knows that pink is normally only seen in my hair and that ruffles just don’t exist in my world. Somehow my daughter has other ideas, so finally I have made something pink, something ruffley, something to make her dreams come true. It’s twirly, it’s fluffy, it’s got metres and metres and metres of ruffles and it’s ‘ballerina princess’ approved.

The Clementine Dress by My Little Plumcake comes in three different styles. I sewed up option A: Lotta Ruffles, the more the better! in a size 2T which is the fluffiest ruffliest option out of the three. The other two are Little Bit of Ruffle and also Not the Frilly Type. I definitely already have a Not the Frilly Type version already cut out! At first I was like, “Sweet, this is going to be a cute dress” and because I am Australian and don’t measure things in yards or inches I didn’t really focus on how much yardage I would need for the Lotta Ruffles. As I was cutting out the tulle however, I learned very quickly that ruffles of this epicness required a lot of fabric! It was all worth it though, and while I threw little fake tantrums and shook my head at the fact that I  was actually sewing pink ruffles over and over I persevered and after two nights I triumphantly finished the armholes and admired Eddie’s little Clementine dress! And guess what? SHE ABSOLUTELY LOVES IT. It’s such a cute dress, the tulle makes it feel really fluffy and combined with the scuba knit fabric I used for the bodice it’s just a really comfortable soft little dress! If you’re used to sewing pretty things you are probably laughing hard at me and my ruffle adventure but if you’re new to the realm of girly girl sewing I think you should give this pattern a whirl and sew up a dress that is perfect to twirl! The look on Eddie’s face when I showed her? I would make seventy of these dresses for her.