The Totes Ma Tote Bag from Emmaline Bags

We're continuing on with our bags post today and we have a great tote from Emmaline Bags, as well as a review from a new-to-us reviewer! We love Denita to pieces already, and I hope that you all are enjoying her posts as much as we are! She's got a great bag to show off, so I'm going to shut up and let her take the floor!

Hello, it’s Denita! Today, I’m reviewing the Totes Ma Totes and the newest bag bling from Emmaline Bags. Most love clothing, but I love bags! I’m the self proclaimed bag rocking seamstress. I have sewn the Necessary Clutch Wallet; however, this is my first Emmaline Bag bag. See what I did there.

On to the bag…

Totes Ma Totes is a twist on the simple, beginner tote bag. The interior has a double slip pocket, interior zip pocket, and a large pocket with magnetic snap closure. Yes, all that in one tote! The instructions are well written with added tips on how to accomplish harder steps. With only one pattern page to print who doesn’t want to become a bag seamstress?

Spring has to be somewhere around the corner, right? All the snow in the North and super cold temperatures in the South. In honor of the elusive Spring, I chose Island Explorer from the local fare section of Joann Fabric and Crafts. The shoulder straps are royal blue duck cloth and the interior is a beach sand inspired print.

The Totes Ma Totes is an intermediate level pattern (it is not hard to construct); the eyelets and grommets might be a little harder for a newer bag seamstress. You can probably cut, fuse, and sew in about 4 hours.

I made two alterations to the Totes Ma Tote. First, I substituted Pellon Thermolam Plus for Soft and Stable. The bag is a little more slouchy from using the Thermolam Plus. With the Soft and Stable, the bag would definitely be able to stand on its own. Second, I did not use fusible interfacing on the exterior bottom because the material was duck cloth. Here’s a tip: on the really thick sections that your sewing machine does not like, take out a mallet or hammer. Yes! A mallet or hammer! Wrap the troublesome area in a towel, place on a hard surface, and pound away all the stress and frustration from the day. Just don’t do it after an extremely stressful day! Your sewing machine will thank you!

Do you remember when Ethel Mermann sang “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend”? No? How about Marilyn Monroe?

“Diamonds! Diamonds!
I don't mean rhinestones!

But diamonds are a girl's best friend.”

Meet the diamonds (and bling) of bag making! The small round “Handmade” hang tag sets this bag apart from others! Your bag is blinging! The hang tag measures 1-1/4 inches in diameter and 1/16 inch thick. The tag is available in antique brass, nickel with black lettering, and nickel with no ink lettering finish. The “Handcrafted in the USA” metal bag label is awesome; don’t you think! Ok, ok you’re not from the USA? The metal bag labels are available in “Made in Canada”, “In Great Britain”, and “Made in Australia”.

So you’re probably thinking the Totes Ma Tote has other hardware too, Denita! “I’m afraid my local quilt shop won’t have all that I need.” Have no fear! Emmaline Bags has you covered. Order the Totes Ma Tote hardware kit directly from Emmaline. The hardware kit includes slim magnetic snap, purse feet, strap buckles, and oblong grommets.

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Until we meet again! Remember, it’s all about the sewing!