Clemence Shorts by Filles a Maman

I'm sitting in my living room, contemplating tomorrow's activities as we are heading into a second day of no school due to the epic snowpocalypse that has brought our area to its knees. (The preceding sentence was brought to you courtesy of our local weather guys. They can totally bring the drama!) I'm not sure if we'll hit a sledding hill or the YMCA (or both!) but I do know that I am SO ready for Spring and Summer, especially the fun clothing that warmer weather insists upon.Thank goodness Mel from Filles a Maman was bidding winter au revoir with her new Clemence Shorts pattern

Turning it over to Lisa, Andrea, and Cassie!

Spring is around the corner and it’s warming up here in Northern CA. That means it’s time for us to start sewing up our spring attire! Today I’m reviewing the adorable new Clemence shorts by Filles a Maman

Jayla wears a 4t in store bought clothes, but for this pattern I used size 3 and they were still slightly big in the front. I’ve found it’s normal to go down a size, sometimes more for pdf patterns. Just make sure you check the size chart carefully.

In this pattern you will find lots of detailed illustrations. I’ve used patterns in the past that have illustrations and I wasn’t a fan. Filles a Maman’s patterns have always been clear, and I never run into any problems understanding each step. This isn’t my first time sewing her patterns-- I love them, this one is no different! 

I used a shimmery linen from Joann’s with lace overlay on the scallops. To add the lace I just used added the lace to the top of the front scallop before sewing the front and back pieces together. The scallops are such a fun detail and this feature gives you the perfect opportunity to make your creation unique. You can dress it up with lace like I have or make it fun with polka dots or stripes! 

It’s warming up here but not quite enough for Jayla to wear shorts outdoors! We attempted to take this photoshoot outside and my bribe was ice cream. The only problem is I gave the ice cream before we took pictures! Yikes! Poor thing had goosebumps all over. 

More lovely pics from Andrea and Cassie!

The Clemence Shorts pair well with Mel's Amour top from the Aspiring Designer's Challenge and we have many other reviews of Filles a Maman patterns for you to check out!