Design Your Own Messenger Bag by Little Moo Designs

Today we're introducing you to a "new to us" designer, Little Moo Designs. She may be new to us, but she's well known among our Aussie friends, and even had an article in the last edition of One Thimble! Ari is reviewing the Design Your Own Messenger Bag, so let's catch up with her and see what she has to say about this versatile bag!

This messenger bag was a welcome break from the twirls and ruffles I’ve been sewing the last few weeks (secretly I’m enjoying all the girl stuff but don’t tell anyone) so I took the opportunity to make it a little kooky for my little dude. The Messenger Bag by Little Moo Designs was quite a simple and fast sew that came together easily and fuss free. I think I spent more time stitching the applique on than the construction of the rest of the bag. Most of the pieces are interfaced, and with the mitred corners this little bag is sturdy and can stand up all by itself. It comes with four applique designs to choose from, and while I would have liked the little tent or the fox, Vin chose the owl!

One thing I must point out is that although it is called a pattern, there are no actual pattern pieces included. There is a measurement chart for each section of the bag that you must draw out yourself, but they are only rectangle shapes so it’s not that difficult at all. You can print out this measurement chart to reference more easily and there are also two pages of appliques. This bag was a fun and cute little sew and would make a great little gift to little kids in your life! I gave this to Vincent two days ago and he insists on wearing it constantly, like it’s an article of clothing. I think I might have to make his little sister one too!