The Lottie Skirt from Brownie-Goose Patterns

Spring is officially here and I know I'm personally excited about all of the new patterns that are releasing from my favorite designers, as well as designers that are new to me. I'm looking forward to sewing up new items for my daughter's wardrobe and getting a chance to put together new fabric combinations. It never gets old! One garment I've already made, and plan to again, is the Lottie Skirt from brownie-goose patterns. You can also see Cassie use an element of it HERE in her Top Stitchers Cinderella entry! I know I love it, but let's see what Paige and Ren have to say about it! 

I made the Lottie Skirt by Brownie Goose.  I’m one of those people who thinks there is no such thing as too many skirts so I was excited about this review.  You can make a pleated version or the gathered skirt version.  You can also do a front button tab or side tabs.  Here’s my version of the pleated skirt with the front button tab.

This skirt went together easily.  It does have a placket and the instructions are clear and easy to follow with accompanying pictures to show you the steps.  You also get a choice on printing pattern pieces or using the measurement chart for some of the pieces depending on which version you choose.  I really like that there is a list of pages needed to print based on size.  It prevents wasted paper.

I really enjoy reading Brownie Goose patterns because of the designer’s sense of humor.  Most of all, I love how this skirt looks on my daughter and you know it’s a winner when she doesn’t want to take it off!

Happy Sewing!


The Lottie Skirt is a lovely, tailored, knee-length skirt with a fitted waistband and button-tab details. The pattern options include: box-pleats or gathers; centered, side, or no button tabs; and various closure styles. Brownie-goose Designs includes a ton of information for fitting and cutting -- including the option to cut from a pattern or by measurements. Love that duality!

The directions are casual and conversational; full of great tips. Like many online tutorials, they read as if a friend is sitting with you showing you how to sew. The anecdotes are informative and encouraging, but reading to find the next step can slow you down as you sew. It would be helpful if the directions were numbered and stated in a few words, followed by the friendly chatter for each step.

I adore the look of my red, graphic-print skirt in quilting cotton with box pleats and side tabs. The pattern calls for a wide, three-inch hem adding a weight & structure for a lovely hang. The Lottie Skirt can be sewn up in a variety of fabrics, from quilting cotton to tweed. Combined with the pleat or gather option, this one pattern has the versatility to create many fabulous looks in a wide range of sizes. Definitely a pattern to add to your collection.

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