Jillian Tank and Sports Bra by GreenStyle Creations

We're so glad you've joined us today for another Women's BundleUP review! I hope you're making your wishlist of the patterns that you just can't wait to try! Today we have Trisha with a review of the Jillian Tank and Sports Bra from Greenstyle Creations (affiliate link). Greenstyle is definitely a great go-to company for self-care sewing, and we'll just add this one to the must-have list! This pattern has so many options, so after you read about it, keep scrolling for pics from Cassie and Rachel!

I love the Women’s Bundle, don’t you?  While I like to sew for my kids, I first started sewing for myself, so it always has a soft spot in my heart.  I just started taking a yoga class, and I really don’t have any exercise clothing to wear.  Especially tops.  I saw the Jillian tank and knew it would be perfect for me.  And the looser outer tank helps me not to feel quite so self conscious in just the tank top.  

It went together pretty easily.  The hardest part for me was doing the straps for the inner tank.  The binding can be a touch tricky too if you’ve never done it before, but I love how professional it looks.  There is also the option to bind with FOE (fold-over elastic) if you prefer.  I wore mine to my yoga class this week and my teacher loved it and asked where I got it.  When I told her I made it she was so impressed and had to come over to inspect it more.  She could not believe that I had made it, so I call that a win.  I never want my handmade clothes to look homemade.  

The Jillian Tank and Sports Bra comes with several different options.  There is a tank top, a sports bra, or a bandeau that you can wear under the loose outer tank.  You can use the sports bra option to add a shelf bra to your tank top as well.  The inner tank, sports bra and bandeau all use knit fabric, but you have the option to make the outer tank in knit or woven fabric.  I used a knit from Girl Charlee for the outer tank and I love it.  This is a great option for all those knits you might have that are a bit sheer or too thin.  There is also a higher neck option or a scoop neck option for the inner tank and bra.  I chose to do the higher neck option.

I decided I needed some new pants too, so I paired them with Greenstyle’s Brassie Jogger pants (affiliate link).  I think they work great together!  Psst!  They also work wonderfully with the Lucy Leggings (affiliate link) or the Everyday Yoga Pants (affiliate link) from Greenstyle!  

Alternate views from Cassie and Rachel

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