Rayann's Retro Dress and Top from Simple Life Patterns

Today Raedene and Kimmie are reviewing the Rayann's Retro Dress from Simple Life Patterns. You can also find a really fun contest and another version on our front page today

(no layer printing by size, but you CAN select or deselect sleeve types to save paper)

I must admit, the first time I saw this pattern sewn by a fellow seamstress, I was in awe. I loved the stripwork and was trying to wrap my brain around how it was created. I couldn’t wait to make my very own version. This pattern has two options: a dress or tunic providing versatility that will carry through the seasons. My oldest girl loves dresses and youngest loves tops with shorties/leggings so a win­-win for all. I chose to sew the tunic version with no sleeves.

While the pattern does offer long sleeves and cap sleeves, I thought I would save those for fall. It is starting to get hot here, so tank style is perfect. If you are not sewing the sleeves there are very few pattern pieces to print for the front and back bodice. All the other parts of the pattern are cut from measurement charts. These are my favorite; I much prefer cutting rectangles with a rotary cutter and ruler than tracing them. She also provides a pattern piece to give the sash a perfect curved edge. I thought it was genius. This pattern sews up so easily and the directions for the stripwork are perfect. I followed the measurements chart and got a perfect fit.

The square neckline is so very classy. Just be sure to clip really close to the stitch in the corners to get it to lay perfectly. When sewing up the arm holes she explains how to match the holes while the other arm is enclosed, then you pull it through and repeat. If you have never sewn this style before it can be a little confusing, but the directions and photos are clear. Just don’t overthink it. I made a size 5 and pulling the whole bodice through the armhole was not hard at all. My other favorite part of this pattern is the adorable sash that sews on top of the finished bodice and wraps around the back with curved finished edges accented with buttons that can cinch the bodice to provide a fitted look. Overall, I absolutely loved the pattern and will make many more. The first time always takes longer, but I think it can be whipped up in an hour and half tops! This is on my must make again list!

Can't get much cuter right : )!  Hi, I am Kim from Kimmie Sew Crazy.  Today I am reviewing Rayann's Retro Dress by The Simple Life Company. This is only my third review here on Pattern Revolution and just happens to be my second for a Simple Life Co. pattern.  Ok, well, I might as well be writing the same review because, once again, I love this pattern! There just happens to be something about a quick- to- sew- up pattern that turns out THIS CUTE!  

Ok, so what is it I love about this dress? It is easy!  That would be number one!  The pattern is listed as intermediate, but I am a little unsure why.  Maybe the button holes?  Button holes are not required though, you can do snaps.  Now, secondly, for all the little extra's this dress has, it still goes together pretty quickly...much faster than I had expected.  I was a little "Yikes!" when I thought about that square neckline, but let me tell you, it's easy.  I was thinking I would be pressing and pulling to get it to lay just right, but really it laid just perfectly.

I used lace for my stripes.  I love the look, but the stripes may be just a little high so shorties or bloomers are kind of required if you go for the lace look.  

The first day Mila wore this little dress out we had a ton of compliments!  It is so cute!  I am excited to make a few more.  I did notice when looking at examples of this dress I could not find a picture of the back.  Hmmmm, I was thinking something would look off then because why no pictures??? No!  The back is just as cute as the front : )  I made sure to get a good picture for you!

I chose to do this dress in Blue because Mila has such pretty Blue eyes,  silly me! A two year old is very unlikely to actually look at the camera!  Oh well.  This dress is gorgeous!  The pattern is so easy and instructions are well written!  So, my suggestion would be to go and buy it!  : )

Thank so much for reading!!!

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