Everyday Essentials by EYMM

Today we're sharing a review of the Everyday Essentials pattern by our affiliate EYMM. This pattern will be available May 1-8 at a discount in the Women's Bundle UP  and after May 22 in the designer's SHOP.  Whether you dress for comfort or style, this pattern can meet you needs. Here's Rebekah with a full review and Teronia with some alternate views. 

Who's excited for the Bundle Up?! I know I am, but before I forget, let me introduce myself real quick. I'm Rebekah and blog over at RebekahSews  when time allows. Now on with the review!

I had the pleasure of reviewing the Women's Everyday Essentials by EYMM. Now, by the title you can start to guess that these are basic garments for everyday use. Think undergarments, slips, and sleep items. These are perfect for layering or just relaxing. Of course, that doesn't mean you have to stay within those confines.

With this pattern it is like getting 6 patterns in one because there are 6 views! Included are the sleep bra, cami, 2 different length gowns, and 2 different lengths half slips. There are also different binding options included so you can use lingerie elastic, stretch lace or binding. Don't forget the last option of the little extra detail of the slit in hem of the slips if you so choose. The instructions walk you through step by step with line drawings for each step. Since this pattern uses knits and knits can get a bit tricky I would say this is suitable for an adventurous beginner. There is even a Knits 101 section to help get a little acquainted with knits. I made three of the six items and they took about 4-5 hours from printing to completely finished.

The three items I made were the sleep bra (oh so comfy!), the below the knee gown, and the below the knee half slip. Now because these items are intended for undergarment use they are form fitting to begin with. I made a size M sleep bra with an average cup. Did I forget to mention that there are three cup sizes? This makes customizing even easier. For the gown I made a size M bodice with an XL bottom as I am a bit bottom heavy. We all know we women come in all shapes and sizes, so there are instructions in the tutorial on how to blend two sizes together to get the correct fit for your body. For the half slip I made an XL and made mine more of a regular comfy skirt than a slip. In order to be able to make the waistband less undergarment-y (yes, I just created that word) I used FOE as the waistband.

I am very happy with my creations and see more in my future. Especially love the sleep bra! And as an aside even though I don't have need for it right now; the crossover bodice is perfect for nursing mommas as well!

I think that is enough from me for one day! Have fun with the Bundle Up ladies! Can't wait to see your creations!

Alternate Views sewn by Teronia of Haute and Posh Designs