Real Deal Jeans by Winter Wear Designs

It's always a pleasure to announce the release of a new design by our in house designer, Suzanne Winter of Winter Wear Designs. Today we're sharing her latest pattern, the Real Deal Jeans. With its multiple cutting lengths, this pattern is versatile enough to get you through every season! The Real Deal Jeans will be available in the Women's Bundle UP May 1-8, and in the Winter Wear Etsy Shop after May 22. Here's Marnie with the complete review, and Cassie and Sarah with some additional eye candy of alternate views. 

Hello! For those that don’t know me, I’m Marnie and I blog at Horris and Deedle. I’m  sharing with you my opinion on the Real Deal Jeans by Winter Wear Designs, available as part of the Women’s Bundle UP Sale.

I have to admit that prior to sewing this pattern, I had actually never considered sewing my own jeans. I thought it would be way too hard, way too time consuming and just not worth all the effort. Boy, was I wrong. If you’ve ever spent a miserable day at the shops trying on 50 pairs of jeans only to find that when they fit in the legs, you can’t zip the zipper up (or worse - you get the zipper up and major muffin top), or that when you find a pair that fit in the waist, you get the whole saggy baggy crotch happening, and then you catch a sight of the rear view and - oh dear - you give up and head home, then this pattern is for you.

The Real Deal Jeans is a well thought out, and clearly explained pattern that will have you sewing your own in no time. It covers a massive size range - from 00 all the way up to size 24 and the instructions are brilliant. The end result is a professional looking pair of jeans that actually fit! Please take the time to follow the directions to sew up a muslin, as this will ensure the best fit for your body. It is explained in detail in the pattern how to do this. I would also recommend that you use a very similar fabric as your real fabric for the muslin - or at least a similar stretch so that you can get a more accurate fit idea, as the stretch of the fabric will change how the jeans sit.

For my version I sewed up a size 0, as I was between measurements and sized down. They are pulling a little, but I used a really cheap and nasty denim with only a small amount of stretch, as that was all that I could find in the time that was available. I cannot wait to get some nice denim and sew myself a proper pair. I needed to make NO alterations to the pattern, other than to add length to the bottom, which is standard for me anyway. The top stitching gives a really professional look - although mine is looking a little dodgy because I tried to do it with my coverstitch machine and it was a bit of an epic fail.

I love this pattern and all its possibilities, and found it far easier and more straightforward to sew than I was expecting. I cannot recommend enough that you add it to your Bundle UP patterns and sew yourself some jeans that actually fit!

Winter Wear Real Deal Jean Shorts by Cassie of Lilyshine Boutique

Winter Wear REal Deal Jean Capris by Sarah of Blogs Like a Mother