The Mykonos Tankini Collection from Golden Rippy

Today we're showing the International flavors of the Women's Bundle UP. Rachel from Golden Rippy is taking us on a Mediterranean journey with her tankini collection named for the beautiful and glamorous Mykonos Island of Greece. Denita has a great review for you, and we have some additional photos Nicole. 

This pattern will be available in the Women's Bundle UP  May 1-8 at a deep discount, and after May 22 at full price in the Golden Rippy SHOP.

Hello, it’s Denita! Today, I’m reviewing the Mykonos Tankini Collection from Golden Rippy part of the Women’s Bundle UP sale May 1-8. Pattern Revolution readers were first introduced to Golden Rippy during the Aspiring Designers Challenges. Read more about Rachel’s challenges: Calrose skirt and the Delilah Top. This is our first review of Golden Rippy...EXCITING!!!

Who’s ready for summer! I am, I am! It’s been a wild and crazy winter in the USA. Now is the perfect time to start preparing for the warmer weather that’s soon to come.

The Mykonos Tankini Collection offers three top options and three bottom options.

Top Options        Bottom Options

Empire Tank        Classic Bikini

Peplum Tank        Boy Shorts

Triangle Tank        Skirted Bikini

Now are you more excited?! I sewed the Empire Tank and the Classic Bikini Bottoms. This is my first time sewing a swimsuit for myself or anyone else! Come take the plunge with me!

For the Empire Tank, I sewed a size XL. I did make two adjustments so that the tankini would fit me better. On the Front and Back Waist, I extended the length by two inches to hide my tummy a little better. On the shelf bra, I extended the lengthwise measurement for better coverage. Ok folks, really important here...Let’s talk about support for just a moment. I have a larger bust (43DD). If you are like me, you will need to increase the shelf bra from top to bottom (lengthwise). The shelf bra was not large enough to accommodate me without some adjustments . There are directions included in the pattern about adjusting the seam allowance to increase the width of elastic. You will NEED to do this! My suggestion is to use at least one inch elastic to achieve the support desired. I did try the molded bra cups; however, the placement was off for me. Also, for more support, serge the bottom of the self bra to the actual top at the seam where the top and waist meet. The Empire Tank was super easy to construct.

For the Classic Bottoms, I sewed a size XXL. I only made one adjustment to the bottoms...increased the front and back rise by two inches. I needed more coverage on the rump! No full bottom adjustment was needed at all. The front rise was increased only because after 3 kids in 14 months, there needed to be a little more support for my twin pooch. The bottoms stop right below my navel after hemming. Perfect for me; however, you might not desire that amount of coverage. The Classic Bottom was super easy.

Three things that are important to remember. First, make a muslin! Yes, I said that out loud! This step is crucial to achieving the best possible fit. Typically, it’s my preference to just cut and sew; making adjustments as I proceed and marking the pattern. However, let me repeat, make a muslin! You are not wasting your time by doing so this time. All bathing suits require a muslin fitting, and for good reason. Second, baste the seams. Baste the legs, waist, and side seams. This is important because swimsuit fabric can be slippery and shift while sewing. Save yourself the headache of ripping seams by basting first. Third, take the elastic for each step and wrap it around that part of the body. If you’re inserting elastic at the leg, wrap the elastic around your leg. If you’re inserting elastic at the upper bust, wrap the elastic around your upper bust. The overall fit will be much better if you do. The instructions have a cutting chart that specifies the length of elastic; however, we are all different! No woman wants be walking on that sandy beach in the Caribbean with her top falling off or so tight she can’t breathe. Take the extra steps to achieve the best fit possible!

The Mykonos Tankini Collection is a beginner plus pattern. The “plus” of the beginner classification is for the possible adjustments needed to achieve a better fit. The instructions are well written and easy to follow. From cutting to finished swimsuit, you’ll spend about 2 hours. There should be no excuse why your swimsuit isn’t the hottest one on the beach! Well, unless I’m on the same beach! :)

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Until we meet again! Remember, it’s all about the sewing!

And now a few more versions of this pattern from Nichole...