Mo's Comfy Fit Unders and Trainers by Mo's Pattern Shop

My youngest is approaching 3 and we're on the verge of delving into the waters of potty training and ditching the diapers for good! I can't think of anything that might motivate a young one more than custom made underwear and training pants (Underroos who?). The possibilities are endless and since YOU make them, you don't have to worry about elastic unraveling for days (can I get an Amen?)! Today we have Kari, Ren, Andrea, and Raedene to review and show you their versions of the Mo's Comfy Fit Unders and Trainers from Mo's Pattern Shop.

Hi there! I’m Kari from That's-Sew-Kari reviewing the Comfy-Fit Unders & Trainers by Mo’s Pattern Shop.  This is my first time making my girls (and their dolls) underwear, but was intrigued because the ones at the store seem to fall apart so quickly and are often uncomfortable, especially for my 4 year old.   These Comfy-Fit Unders are all-knit, including the bands and designed to be the most comfortable, especially for the kids who are sensory-sensitive.  My 4 year old has some sensitivity issues regarding her clothes so I put them to the test!  But first, I tested out the pattern on her doll while her fabric was being prewashed.

So adorable, right?  The pattern was very easy to understand and these Unders fit the Our Generation Doll (18” doll) perfectly.  I will be trying the bear-sized next for the Build-a-Bears hanging out in our home.  If you are a doll-and-bear-free household, there is a listing for just the children’s sizes.  But, if you do have dolls and/or bears, I highly recommend the Bundle pack!

After being satisfied with the doll’s new Comfy-Fits, I sewed up a size 3/4 per the sizing chart.  To mimic normal underwear, I added an optional liner, just in the center area.  I also added a strawberry button (all the way from the Netherlands!) and a small bow for extra detail because my girly almost always wears dresses where nothing will be pressing against it.  VERDICT: My daughter LOVES them!!!  She’s requested several more pair.  I was worried about the wider band, but she had zero complaints and they fit so much better than store-bought underwear.  (Disclaimer: I will not be sharing modeled shots of her underwear for personal reasons, but the fit is truly fantastic!!)   Included in the pattern is an optional soaker liner for training pants (luckily I’m past that stage- ha!).


Mo’s Comfy-Fit Unders & Trainers are a fabulous pattern with an even better intention. Designed with sensory defensive children in mind, the Unders include wide bands without pinchy elastic and are drafted to keep the seams off the body’s pressure points. All that and they are also wedgie free! That’s comfort every child can appreciate.

The instructions are clear and professional, yet still provide the in-depth explanations and tips we’ve come to expect from PDF patterns. The formatting of the instructions coupled with line drawings add to the ease of following along as you move from reading to sewing and back again. There are sewing tips included within the instructions and there are also welcome links to more in-depth resources at the end.

This is a satisfyingly quick little pattern to sew. I have no need for trainers (thankfully!) so I sewed just the Unders in a Size 3/4 with crotch lining -- half with the original wide bands, and half with a narrower band (by following the instructions for that option within the pattern). I think I prefer the narrower band for my elementary age daughter but I’ll be curious to see which she prefers as we use them. I love the direction to place the waistband seam at the back! It wisely gives the back/front visual clue to the wearer without an irritating tag. Each pair of Unders uses an economy of fabric and sews up speedily; it’s easy to make half a dozen in one sitting.    

I love that the Unders can be made with broad or narrow waist- and leg-bands and comes in a wide range of sizes. Regardless of the band size these undies do not gap around the leg like some of our store-bought underpants do – that, right there, makes this pattern worth it! The pattern also includes pieces and directions for Trainer and Overnight/Heavy Wetter styles, plus a doll’s version. I may even try them in performance-knit paired with a raglan tee rash-guard for swimming. Mo’s Comfy-Fit Unders & Trainers is a great, utilitarian pattern that I will reach for repeatedly; you should, too.

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