Amour Top by Filles a Maman

Last month we had the pleasure of reviewing the Clemence Shorts from Filles a Maman, which were so cute with their scalloped trim! Today we have the second half of that ensemble, the Amour Top! Check out what our reviewers had to say, and then maybe snag the pattern to sew up for that sweet little girl in your life!

Here In Sydney, Autumn is just starting to creep in. We are fairly lucky weather wise in Sydney, and long sleeves during the day are really only necessary for a couple of months of the year. Short sleeve or sleeveless tops that can be layered easily are perfect for wearing most of the time and transition easily from warmer months to cooler, and vice versa, and so I’m excited to be able to review the Amour Top from Filles A Maman today.

The Amour Top is a very fast, easy sew that produces a very cute top! The pattern is easy to print and stick together - especially if you read the instructions and print only the size that you are interested in. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow, and the tutorial features computer drawn illustrations, which I personally prefer; with plenty of information on cutting and how to sew and finish your top. And there are plenty of inspiration pictures included so that you can see how the top looks on a wide age range.

I wanted to point out that it is important to look at the size chart and measure the child that you are sewing for. This size chart differed significantly from some other size charts I have used, and I was glad a chart was provided to ensure a great fit. I used a soft, light rayon challis as I wanted to get some drape into the top and it worked perfectly. This is a pattern that could easily be sewn in a wide range of fabrics. I also added some ric rac trim to the bottom to give the material a little more weight.

The main feature of the Amour Top is its neckline - a bias casing with a ribbon threaded through is used to pull the neckline in and create its unique ruffled look. I used a pink satin bias for this, with pink satin threaded through because Zoe is far more likely to wear things that have pink. The bias casing is visible when it is being worn, especially if you use a lighter fabric like I have, so bear that in mind when choosing your bias. It creates a lovely little tie at the back and ensures it can go on and off easily over the head with no complicated closures.

The Amour Top will get plenty of use here in our climate. I found it to be an easy, stress free sew and love the finished result. Ill leave you with one final picture of Zoe working it for the camera - I don’t know where she pulls these poses from, but oh, it makes me laugh!!

Happy Sewing,


Today, I am reviewing the Filles a Maman Amour top. Finding patterns that are grown up enough yet still age appropriate for a 12 year old has been an interesting task! Before I sew anything for her, I have to run the pattern by her to see if she will actually wear it! I showed her this top and she was so excited! She has been showing me drawings of clothes that she wants, and apparently, this is exactly the top she wanted! I quickly realized that she had no shorts to wear with this top, as she has grown over 4 inches in the past year! I decided to pair it with the Clemence Shorts by Filles a Maman reviewed here.

The top sews up quickly, with only 5 pieces (front, 2 backs, 2 collar pieces). I was initially intrigued by how the neck was done, but the designer does a wonderful job of walking you through the binding with line drawings that are clear, and show exactly where to sew. You can also adjust the ruffle of the neck. I opted to leave my ribbon loose so she can wear it ruffled more (or even less) if desired. I think this will be a great staple for our warm summer!

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