Tybee Tank Top and Dress by LilyGiggle

Welcome back for another fun review!!!  We all know that LilyGiggle is known for their fun knit patterns, and now they have added another fun one to the collection.  The Tybee Tank Top and Dress has a drop waist and fun circle skirt.  It is the perfect pattern to mix and match some knits without depleting your stash too quickly.  Check out Carrie and Jessica's reviews today, and head over to LilyGiggle to grab your own copy of the pattern.

Now that days are getting a little longer, the weather is a bit warmer and things are starting to turn green it can only mean one thing… it's time to start sewing up our Summer dresses!  (Haha! You thought I was going to say it meant Spring, didn’t you?)

I can tell you this super fun dress from LilyGiggle will definitely be on our list of staples this year. Say hello to the Tybee Tank Top and Dress.   I love quick projects and this took about 2 hours including the time to tape and cut the pattern, perfect for after the kids are in bed!  Even better, there’s only 8 pattern pages total (who doesn’t want to save paper?) and you can use the layers to only print the size you need, which is becoming one of my favorite options.

I did have a hard time finding Stay Tape at my local store so I went with the knit interfacing option and it worked great.  I love the clean finished look that results from using the stabilizer and nicely the straps keep from stretching out.

To go along with the trend of custom knit groups, there has been an increasing number of ‘panels’ being offered.  This is a fabulous pattern to use with them.  You just cut your main bodice piece out of the panel instead of your yardage.  I also cut the top band from the bit of sky left at the top of my panel after I cut out the bodice.  This panel and matching fabric, inspired by a favorite book of ours, are going to be available from Knitorious Fabrics.


My 5 year old daughter has clearly embraced her love for her mama-made wardrobe. Leaving a little new item hung up on her door for her when she wakes up is such a fun thing and it's even more fun when she LOVES what I make. And this week, the Tybee Tank and Dress from LilyGiggle fit the bill where my preschooler's fashion sense was concerned. It's an easy sew and an even easier wear!

Can you tell she loved this dress?!?!

I chose to make the dress version, which was a little short on my 4T girl, but I think her long-waisted nature was the issue there. The instructions for this cutie are really thorough and there are even quick-sew instructions for those who are more familiar with knits and don't need step by step pictures. This was a fast sew and I can see adding more of these to our Summer wardrobe. I think it would even be cute layered to meet our school's dress code, but I would size up as it's meant to be a slim fit. I also opted for a lettuce-edge finish, which is not in the pattern, but is in the Fiddlehead Flutter pattern and is a quick way to finish a knit hem.

I hope you make Tybee a part of your Summer sewing!

Snickerdoodle Stew

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