Tilly Top by Brownie-Goose

I think everyone would agree that there are some styles that are just timeless. Clean lines that stand the test from generation to generation and only require small updates of hemlines or fabric selection to be current. To me, brownie-goose patterns fit have that timelessness that will have my daughter sewing them for her children someday, should she choose to pick up the addiction...er...hobby. And today we have the Tilly Top reviewed by Kim, with an extra bonus of the Darby Shorts for added cuteness, and more gorgeous photos by Serena. 

Hi, I am Kim from Kimmie Sew Crazy.  I am here to review the Tilly Top by brownie-goose.  If you have ever read my blog you would know that I am a huge fan of brownie-goose!  I must say that I adore every pattern Amy creates.  Honestly, I am pretty sure every woman who has ever sewn a BG pattern loves every pattern Amy creates!  Oh yes, I am a biased reviewer on this one (wink-wink).  If you have a brownie-goose pattern, I bet you completely understand!  Brownie-goose has some of the most loyal customers in the sewing community, and for good reason.

Somehow I had not already owned the Tilly Top.  When it popped up as a possibility to be reviewed I completely freaked and kinda begged to review it!  Yay, here I am reviewing the Tilly and now I am about to add a bunch of Tilly’s to Mila’s mommy-made wardrobe.  The Tilly is a pullover top that is available in sizes 12-18m to 7 years.  The top has an open back and a lined bodice.  If you are not a big fan of the open back you can close the gap.  There are lots of examples online.  The instructions are awesome, educational, and Amy always adds a little humor.  The pattern makes for a fun read.  One of the things I love about this pattern is how quick and easy it is to sew.  This is a perfect pattern for beginners.  I love that the Tilly is a great pattern to show off adorable fabrics as well! You know, those fabrics you walk buy at the store, love, and get them home and not sure what to do with them.  Well, I would suggest to make them those into a Tilly.

Did you notice the shorts on my little baby who keeps growing?  Those shorts are Brownie Goose as well!  They are the Darby shorts.  I shortened them quite a bit.  Mila has short little legs.   Toddlers in my mind need to show off cute short chubby legs, so they are short. The original pattern has a little more length than I am showing.  I did not make any changes to the Tilly.

For lots of inspiration, and lots of like-minded sewists join the Brownie Goose Lovers group.  Not kidding here, it was on of the most creative groups on Facebook and full of the most supportive and sweet people.

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