Mia's Tieback Top, Dress, and Maxi by Simple Life Pattern Company

The SImple Life Pattern Company is at it again and we're here to bring you a review plus some great pics of Mia's Tieback Top, Dress, and Maxi! First up, we'll have Shae with a review and 3 lovely examples, followed by more terrific tiebacks from Leonie and Marnie! And don't stray too far, because we have a review of Megan's Wrap Top and Dress soon!

Hi, I’m Shae and I’m back with another review for you!  I had the pleasure of reviewing the new Mia’s Tieback dress from Simple Life Pattern Company.  
actually ended up making three versions of this dress because I love it!  Normally my daughter will only wear super tight jeans and shirts.  The tighter the better.  When it comes to dresses, however, she loves them, long, loose, and flowy.  I just knew the Mia would be perfect for her.  The first one I made was the maxi tiered length with the bands between the tiers.  The second one was the regular length tiered dress.  I did the bands, but I added lace to them and didn’t top stitch the bottom edge.  For the third one, I made the tiered maxi without the bands.

This pattern has a lot of great options.  Don’t like tiers? That’s ok, there is a simple version too!  Maybe your daughter doesn't like dresses.  Well, there is also a shirt option.  If you do the tiered version, you don’t have to include the bands between each level.  This pattern does take a bit of time to make, so don’t expect to make it up during a nap time.  It also takes a bit of fabric for the maxi length.  In my opinion, the added time and fabric is totally worth it in the end.  My daughter adores her new dresses and she gets a ton of compliments on them.

Next up we have Leonie and Marnie with more cute options!

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