Megan's Wrap Top by Simple Life Pattern Co

Everyone loves options! This pattern has plenty! If you are like me, you have a stash of cute wovens just waiting to be used. This top or dress gives enough options to make a different one for every day of the week!  Now, let's get to Rachel's review of the Megan's Wrap Top  by Simple Life Pattern Company.

In keeping with my resolution to sew more with wovens for my girl this spring and summer, I jumped at the chance to review the new Megan’s Wrap Top and Dress from Simple Life Pattern Company. There are so many options included with this pattern, going way beyond your preferred finished length. I highly recommend reading the pattern through a few times, and making some notes for the measurements you’ll need from the cutting charts. You can do a gathered skirt (with an added band or ruffle) or circle skirt, and there are multiple ways to finish the wrap and close the top or dress. When I looked at the options with Miss P, she loved the gathered skirt (it’s full and very twirly) and the two button waistband closure - girlfriend’s got a thing for buttons. ;) Oh, and we opted for the banded skirt bottom to bring in another pop of color, and I added some lilac jumbo ric-rac.

The bodice is fully lined and the finish is lovely. I decided to hand sew the lining to the waistband since I’m an oddball who really enjoys doing a little hand stitching. Next time I might use french seams on the skirt sides and/or skirt band attachment so that all of the inside seams are enclosed. The pattern includes suggested placement for the buttons on the waistband, but I’d strongly urge you to fit the dress or top on its intended wearer before working the buttonholes and affixing the buttons. Based on her chest measurement, I sewed a size 4 for my daughter, but lengthened both the bodice and the skirt based on her height. Blending between sizes was easy to do, but I did end up needing to pull the wrap a little closer and tighter to get a good, snug fit. I didn’t want it gaping open in the front, and the buttons are the only closure (I opted not to include the side ties). You can see from the photos though that we got a great fit, and she loves the finished dress.

The actual construction of this pattern is straightforward and well-described in the tutorial; the multitude of options and necessary skipping around in the tutorial (i.e. “if sewing the gathered skirt, skip to step ___”) can make it a bit confusing at times. If you’re newer to sewing, a late night seamstress like myself, or tend to sew when distracted (“MOM, can I have another snack??!) give yourself some extra time to look things over beforehand and make sure you’re organized before you begin. I was happy with the finished garment, and love the classic but modern silhouette. Thanks to all of the sizes included in the pattern, I’m sure I’ll be making another Megan’s Wrap in the future!

Now, let's check out Raedene and Erica's versions! I can see this being a pattern that is a must sew this summer!

I hope we have inspired you to sew one (or more) of these up for the little girl(s) in your life! Be sure to share your pictures!