Jon and Janie Romper from Tie Dye Diva

Today we're sharing reviews of the latest release from Tie Dye Diva- The Jon and Janie Romper.  It's patterns like this one that make me wish my daughter would stay small! This versatile pattern can be made for both boys and girls, bubble, shorts or pant length and has the perfect bodice for embroidery or other embellishment. For the next 48 hours you can get it for 15% off with the code JJREVOLUTION. Here are Rebekah, Melissa, and Ari with their versions. 

Ah rompers...I just can't get enough of them lately! Seriously, what is cuter than a baby or toddler in a romper? It's Rebekah again from Rebekah Sews  with another fun pattern for both baby girls and boys. Yes, you heard that! This one is unisex!

Today we are looking at the Jon & Janie Rompers by Tie Dye Diva. Guess the name gave it away that it was unisex huh? This cute romper features curved bodice that gives a different look to the traditional romper. For the girls it has a bubble bottom and for the boys it has a straight romper. Both have the option of shorts or pants. There is also a bonus tutorial for making this into a dress! Since this pattern is for just the little's, there are instructions for both a fixed inseam or for using snap tape or snaps for easier diaper changes. You can certainly make many different rompers with this pattern. From printing to finish this took me around 2hrs as I can only sew in spurts lately. Because of the curves and buttons/snaps, I would say this pattern is good for the advanced beginner.

For my girl I made the pants bubble romper option. I think they are super cute! The bubble option is plenty bubbly for a flowing look. I followed the size chart exactly (made a 12-18mo with the length of 18-24mo) and found it to be very true to size. The tips along the way were also very helpful. The tutorial is very well done, however you need to pay close attention due to the added complexity of having multiple options to choose from and follow through the pattern. It walks you through the construction of both the straight and bubble romper simultaneously, so just pay attention closely to your chosen style. If you don't usually read a pattern through before you start, change that habit for this one; that will help you know where to go for your romper construction. 

As with all Tie Dye Diva patterns, I wasn't disappointed with this one. It is completely adorable and leaves many options for customizing too with adding piping, trim, or embroidery. This would also make great baby shower gifts! To get your copy just head on over to the Tie Dye Diva website and check it out. Don't forget to check out all the other fun patterns too! Happy sewing!

Boy Version by Melissa

Hello! I’m Melissa of Sassy-Fras  & I was lucky enough to sew up the Tie Dye Diva Jon & Janie romper for my littlest (of 5 kids). He’s a boy, so I jumped at the chance to sew the romper because, as moms of boys know, boy patterns are a little harder to come by!  But if you have a “Janie” not a “Jon” in your house, don’t fret, there are options galore in this pattern for both girls & boys. Short bubble, long bubble, short romper, long romper, and bonus directions for make a dress. We went with the short romper this time (but will do the long romper when the weather cools a little). A great classic look, but with options to make it fun.

Actually, I sewed two - not because I’m an overachiever, but because I’m human - my first attempt was a flop, due to my error. The snag I ran into is that I print in black & white, and the pattern is designed to print in color, so lines of varying shades of gray instead of the intended color are easy to jump from one to the other, which I only noticed when I went to complete construction. Back to the drawing board, carefully cutting pattern instead of trying to trace, and perfection! It fits great on my 13 mo old, who is at the lower end of the measurements for the size I chose, with a little growing room, as I expected it to have - so it fits very true to size. I rated this pattern as advanced beginner only due to the top construction/curves being a little bit tricky for a true beginner.

I also found the directions really good - descriptive but not too wordy.  Included are directions to lengthen or shorten the pattern for best results, and a few other handy tips.

Closures have many options too - buttons or snaps, snap tape, or sew the bottom closed (with elastic in the bubble options, of course). I opted for snaps on the shoulders & sewing the crotch taking a garment down & up is just as easy as trying to snap an outfit with a Tasmanian devil wearing it!

This is a quick sew and a versatile pattern to use year round. Also a great & appropriate size range - while it stops at 3T - that’s as long as my kids would wear the item.  And there are lots of sizes up to that point starting at 0-3 mo (7 to be exact!). A great quick sew that could easily be a wardrobe staple up through toddler years!  

Girl Bubble by Ari

Hey everyone! Little excited to show you this fun romper I sewed up for Eddie! It’s the Tie Dyed Diva Jon & Janie Romper and you know what’s the most excellent about this? It’s UNISEX. Heck yeh! You can make it up either as a romper, a bubble playsuit, or as a dress! You know my favourite patterns are ones that have more than one use and this is cute to boot!

I sewed up the ‘bubble’ version of this romper, since I’ve always wanted to make Edison one but never got around to it until now and chose the size 2T for her. The instructions for this pattern are very basic; it’s not complicated and it’s straight-forward. The construction is simple which is really great when you want to sew something up but not have your brain be leaking out of your ear once you’re done!

The most difficult part of this pattern was choosing the fabric, honestly! The bodice is lined and you can choose either snaps for the shoulders or buttons (also a difficult decision for me). I would recommend this pattern for a beginner because as long as you follow the instructions I don’t see how you could mess this up! I really love how cute this romper looks both on the inside and the outside. Also it’s a little bit accidentally Wilma Flintstone? I did have to resist making a felt bone bow for her hair. Maybe later...