Princess Power Suit By Winter Wear Designs

It's always exciting for me to share a review of one of Suzanne's patterns. When we met a couple years ago she did a lot of drafting at home for herself and her kids, but hadn't taken the jump into publishing her designs. She just needed a little push, and even though it seems like she just finished the Pattern Workshop, it has been over a year already and she has been pumping out patterns like nobody's business..and we're talking GOOD Patterns! Today we are reviewing her latest pattern, the Princess Power Suit which pairs perfectly with the new FREE Peggy Swim Cap from Filles a Maman

Grab the swim cap for free and keep your little one's hair protected while swimming, then hop over to Winter Wear Designs where you can use the code SWIMSAVE10 to save 10% off on the Princess Power Suit. Here's Erica with the review and some more inspiring samples from our amazing PR team members.

I fell in love with this suit as soon as I saw it. I love the little skirt. I was so excited to get the chance to review it. One of my favorite parts is that you can design it to look like a princess, OR a superhero. Of course, you can always skip those choices and sew it up in your own color scheme. I like the idea of getting away from just princesses for girls and empowering them to be a superhero, as well. The pattern includes a page of inspirational ideas for colors to go with different characters which I really liked. I showed my daughter and let her pick which one she wanted. I was thinking she’d want Aurora/ sleeping beauty because that is her favorite princess. She decided she wanted the incredibles one which really surprised me because we haven’t seen that movie in ages. Fine with me!

I went to Joann’s and was able to find the fabric and swimsuit elastic without a problem.They had a good variety of colors available in the swim fabrics. Swim fabric can be pricey but I used my coupons and not much fabric is needed so it was very reasonable to buy, so don’t let that dissuade you from trying this pattern out. 

To start, there is a diagram of how to measure your child so you can get the right fit. She includes tips for alterations which is helpful. The suit is an easy sew. The hardest part is that the fabric is slippery so that can be tricky but just go slowly and you will be fine. I would say it took about two hours to put the whole thing together from cutting to sewing. I spent a little extra time on the top because of the Incredibles logo. I used wonder under to stabilize it and then sewed over the oval to hold it down. I did that after cutting the front piece but before assembling the suit. The directions for the suit are numbered and there are pictures to go with each step. The directions clearly tell you what to do in each step for the view you picked. I had no problem following the pattern and the assembly came together quickly and easily. The leg elastic was very easy to add and hem. 

If your daughter is older, you can skip the skirt part and make a basic swimsuit, so this is a pattern you can use for a long time. I know I will be making this one again because Violet has already asked me to make her the batman one next. After she tried the suit on, she said it was very comfortable and she really liked it. She said the skirt was her favorite part.


Here are some more variations sewn up by our amazing ladies at PR.

Swim Cap by Filles a Maman:  Pattern Here

Swim Cap by Filles a Maman: Pattern Here