Tout de Suite Bloomers by Winter Wear Designs

With Summer in full swing, everyone is sewing up shorts! I love these cute bloomer shorts by Winter Wear Designs! Check out Rebekah's take on them. Be sure to share your pictures with us in the Pattern Revolution group on Facebook!

Getting tired of hearing from me yet? No? Perfect, because it's me again; Rebekah from Rebekah Sews with another fun pattern for you today. I had the pleasure of reviewing a pattern created by one of my fellow Pattern Revolution team member as well as designer, Suzanne from Winter Wear Designs.

When I first saw the tester call for the Tout de Suite Bloomers, I so wanted this pattern! Unfortunately, I couldn't test at that time, but now I get to review it. What could be better? These cute little shorts are just perfect for all ages. I am very excited to say that they will work for almost ALL ages as the size range is absolutely huge on these! These shorts come in sizes 1-14 yrs and are made of knit material. Now you can make these in woven too, but you do need to check sizing first as you will want to make sure there is plenty of room as woven fabric has no stretch. Besides the huge size range, there are three different views to this pattern that give it even more versatility. Oh, I can't forget to add that they can be made with or without pockets too!

For my girl I made a size 18mo in view B. View B has those adorable cuffs at the bottom with the side gathers. Seriously cute! I found the sizing to be spot on and fit perfect on my girl. I love that the side gathers give it a little more poof for a bubble look. The elastic waist band fit perfectly as well, which is something I usually have to modify for my tiny waist girl, but didn't have to this time. Want to hear about another great feature in this pattern? The cutting measurements for the cuffs and elastic are right on the pattern pieces. I just love that, as it makes it so much easier than running back to the computer. Overall, these shorts took about 1-1.5hrs to make. Definitely can be a naptime sew. I would rate them a beginner pattern as long as you are comfortable with knits.

See that cute top I paired with these shorts? That is the Bow Back Beauty by Little Kiwi's Closet. This dress/top pattern is one of my all time favorites and paired perfectly with these shorts. They both really complemented each other so well. I think this outfit is my new favorite!

These shorts are such fun little pattern and my girl shows you how comfortable they are as she had fun running, jumping, twirling, and an all around good time in them. If you want to get your own copy just head on over to Winter Wear Designs and pick it up. Check out all the other fun patterns too while you are there. You won't be disappointed!