Motherload Tote by Cozy Nest

With Summer in full swing, we always need more space in our bag! The Motherload Tote by Cozy Nest fits that bill! Check out all the great details! I will hand it over to Erica and Melissa for their reviews!

Hey, it’s Erica again from Lollipops & Paisley. I’m back again today to discuss my second handbag (yes, two bags in two weeks!). When I saw The Motherload Tote from Cozy Nest Design, I knew my 16 year old needed one for band camp!

I let her choose the fabrics. She chose this anchor canvas and lined it with sheet music cotton since it was for band camp. I also used some athletic mesh for the water bottle sling on the interior. She’s super excited about carrying a blanket or towel with the extended straps. The extra large interior will hold sunblock, the pair of music note pj bottoms I made, her lunchbag and her Bubba (mega huge and keeps stuff COLD even in 100 degree weather) thermos water bottle.

Once again, this bag does take some time. I think maybe all bags are more time consuming than we think. Just go slow and follow all the instructions. You’ll finish it before you know it! The zipper is super easy, even for a bag. The bag itself is huge. It definitely is the Motherload tote! Other than navigating the sheer size of the exterior pieces (I rolled the edges to fit it into and around my machine), this pattern is easy for an adventurous beginner or an intermediate level sewist. So head over to Cozy Nest Design and check out The Motherload Tote and all her other great projects! I know I’ve got my eye on that zipper play tote!

Now, lets check in with Melissa for her take! She made hers for vacation!

Hello! I’m Melissa of Sassy-Fras  & today I’m talking about the Motherload Tote by Cozy Nest Designs.

I usually do not sew quilts, bags or anything else that requires precise, exact sewing and measurements to be successful.  Make a shirt & put it on a whirly twirling 5 year old? Sure!  Make something that is going to be examined closely & not in motion? Well, that’s a whole different ballgame! But with a vacation looming, The Motherload Tote called out to me. And so I jumped in. I love the options - having attached or extended straps is awesome. I used the attached straps because of that aforementioned bag-phobia. Next time, I’ll tackle them!  

With pockets inside & outside, a D ring to hook my keys or sunglasses to, advice on making the bag fit your needs (like using waterproof fabric if you’ll be hauling wet suits in certain places, etc), this pattern is full of help & very versatile. Another LOVE? The labels. How did the designer know my downfall? Cutting 20 pieces & then not remembering what goes where, or forgetting to get a piece out of lining or interfacing & not realizing it until knee deep in sewing. This little feature made it easy to know that I’d cut everything out of the proper fabrics and was truly ready to sew!

The pattern includes pieces for some pieces, measurements for other pieces (ones that are smaller squares & rectangles) - so it was a great mix - not having to print a huge amount of pages (only 10) but also not having to self draft large pieces.

I won’t lie & say that I could make this pattern with my eyes closed - but that’s why it’s got an intermediate rating in terms of challenge, and totally it worth it for the fun features that the bag includes!