Lambkin Creative Giraffe Hat

With school starting and Fall on its way, it is time to pull out the hat patterns! My kids love fleece for hats, but want variety. I take them to JoAnn Fabrics when they have the fleece on sale and let them pick a few different fabrics. I can see I will be making this hat from Lambkin Creative a couple times this season! And you can too! Use the coupon code  REVOLUTION. It's good for $4 off a purchase of $9 or more through September 30.

Hi there, Andrea here from The Design, The Stitch and The Wardrobe.  For a change, I'm not going to have much to say, I loved it. 

I needed an extra project like I needed a hole in the head. I have so many costume orders in my to-do list with Australian Book Week and Halloween coming up, and even as I was typing to Robin to say that I wanted to do the review, my common sense was screaming ''are you mad"?

When I saw the gorgeous picture of this hat though I knew I needed to give it a shot.  It's just too cute, everyone loves giraffes. The only issue that I found had nothing to do with the pattern. It was the lack of giraffe fleece available at local fabric shops. That is why my hat has a slightly ‘leopard-like’ quality to it ;)

It's a fantastic pattern, a perfect beginners project and given enough imagination I think it is a great base pattern for other animals too. It would be easily  changed into a croc, maybe a dragon, a cow maybe even a reindeer the list is endless.