Izzy & Ivy Charly

I am always on the lookout for versatile patterns that my kids can wear through multiple seasons. The New Izzy & Ivy Charly is perfect! Leonie and Rachel share their review  of this versatile pattern and Serena shares her look, which is perfect for fall! After you check out the review, head over and use the code CHARLY20 to take 20% off everything in the Izzy & Ivy shop through Thursday, August 27th.

Hello! Leonie here to give you the low-down on the new Charly Tunic from Izzy & Ivy Designs…. I have never sewn an Izzy & Ivy Designs pattern before, so I was very interested to have a look!!

This pattern a great sew for a confident beginner, using either entirely knit or a combination of knit and woven fabrics. There are seasonal options of capped or long sleeves, a high-low hem and the freedom to create an individualised bodice trim.

I have converted this cute little pony print knit for several months and finally got hold of some, so I was just itching for an opportunity to use it - sewing up the Charly Tunic seemed like the perfect opportunity! It is quite a large print, so this meant a double up on the knit for the fabric selection as I wanted to use it in the skirt section to really get the best display of the design.

The colors for the bodice section followed from there. Speaking of the bodice, technically it is still winter here is Queensland (Australia) but the weather is already warming up, so I elected to sew up the capped sleeve version. After unsuccessfully trying out a couple of different trim ideas, I scrounged around in the bottom of my trims draw and found a little piece of cute vintage lace that worked perfectly.

My daughter is still wearing size five in store purchased knitwear. However, her chest measurement was spot on for a size six, so I thought best to follow the pattern guidelines after being stung with previous creations. She can certainly wear her new Charly now, but I think this one will fit her for sometime to come though, which is definitely better than the other way around!! Given that my daughter is still quite short to be wearing size six, this is fortunate as it is really more of a dress length on her at present (also probably fortunate given our impending summer). Having said all that, I easily could have ensured that it was the correct length as a tunic after seeking guidance from the Finished Measurements table.

I really like the high-low hemline of the skirt and the great coverage of the bodice - cool, yet fantastic protection from the harsh Australian sun.

Ordinarily, I’m not a fan of photos as illustration in patterns as they are often quite difficult to see and I like sew by looking rather than reading. I found the photos clear enough and the instructions simple to follow.

The finish of the final product is very professional, which is always a massive plus, in my opinion.

I look forward to creating some winter versions, in another six months or so, because there are some super cute elbow patches you can add to the long sleeve version!

I hope you enjoy sewing your Charly, I’ll be keeping an eye out for brag images of your creations!!

Now, lets check out Rachel's version!

Hello again, Rachel here with a review this time! It’s been awhile since we’ve had a new release from Izzy and Ivy Designs (home of the awesome Tallulah and Evie dress patterns, among others), and I was super excited for the chance to sew up the brand-new Charly tunic. It features a knit bodice and woven tunic-length skirt with a hi-low hem, and lots of great options for customization. You can choose cap, ¾, or long sleeves and the pattern includes templates for heart and star shaped elbow patches to use with the longer sleeve lengths. I am *almost* excited for cooler weather just so I can start using the elbow patches! (I’ve also got plans to add them to leggings - they’ll be great for knee patches, too.)

Since I’ve still got summer on the brain and it’ll be warm when my kiddos head back to school in September, I opted for the cap sleeve version. It’s a nice fitted bodice that you can leave as is or add trim to embellish. I added a strip of woven fabric with eyelet trim, and Miss P selected three small tangerine buttons to finish it off. We’ve been trying to add some new colors to her wardrobe and this orange Lotus fabric has been waiting for the perfect project all summer. I love the aqua knit with the vibrant skirt - it’s a fun pairing that she can wear now and also next spring, as the cut of the tunic is generous enough that she should be able to get more than one season’s use from it. I used a small strip of knit interfacing to stabilize the bottom of my bodice fabric when attaching the skirt, since the knit was fairly lightweight.

Speaking of the skirt, I mentioned earlier that it’s got a hi-low hem but it also has a great curve where it meets the bodice. The shape of the finished tunic is easy and fun, and it will pair well with leggings or skinny jeans - a perfect back-to-school outfit for my girl! I think my next one will be a trendy stripe and floral combo...what will your first Charly be??

Until next time,


Serena shared her pictures of her take on the Charly as well!

She is ready for Fall!