Poppy Peplum Pants by Filles A Maman

Welcome once again from Rebekah from Rebekah Sews. I am excited to share a review today on the Poppy Peplum Pants by Filles a Maman! Why and I excited you ask? Well, not only do I love the pattern, but I also love the origin of the pattern. A bit ago, around the beginning of the year I think (I could be wrong on the time line as my brain doesn't always work right now a days) Betties Basket put on a little "Design my Pattern" contest. In this contest non-designers could submit designs for participating designers to vote on to then create a pattern using that design. This pattern was born from this contest with the idea of this pattern coming from Melissa of Rebel and Malice and then Mel from Filles a Maman brought it to life!

So, now that I've given you the history, let me tell you a little about the Poppy Peplum. These are legging pants with a peplum. The waistband is elastic but looks like a faux button closure. If you don't like the look of the peplum, well just leave it off for an awesome pair of leggings. One thing I want to emphasize is this pattern comes in a huge size range of 12m-14. I just love huge size ranges! The instructions are nice and easy to read with illustrations. These took about an hour for me to sew so they can easily be a naptime project. I would rate this an advanced beginner project as working with knits can be a little on the tough side.

For Ruth's leggings I made the size 12-18mo as per the size chart. Let me just say I LOVE the fit! Seriously, these are one of the best leggings I have made to date. The rise is also perfect with no diaper bottom peeking out. I used faux denim knit from The Purple Seamstress Fabrics which was just perfect for this project. Now add some decorative cover stitching and viola, you have an amazing pair of pants! Baby girl will definitely be getting more of these in her winter wardrobe this year.

If you are looking for a great fitting legging or peplum pants pattern, I highly recommend this one. You can get your copy HERE. Make sure you check out the Filles a Maman PDF group for more fun examples there too. I just love seeing all the kiddos enjoying their handmade items!