Boo! Designs Skater Dress

I love sewing with knits! I remember when I was so scared of them though. It took a big push from a designer and a really good pattern to get me to even attempt knits. Boo! Designs is one of the designers I hear recommended time and time again because of the directions and help provided when it comes to sewing knits and her fabric is pretty awesome as well! Today, we have Sarah's review of the Boo! Designs Skater Dress and pictures from Rebekah and Carrie.

Hello there!  This is Sarah and I am here today with a review of the Boo! Designs Spandex Skater Dress.  I wanted to try this dress as soon as I saw it because it looked like something both of my girls could enjoy.  With my older daughter in the 9/10 size range, her options for patterns are narrowing significantly.  However, just because she’s getting bigger doesn’t mean she's grown out of wanting cute dresses.  This pattern has a size range of 2 through 14, so she still has some room to grow with it.  There are also lots of options; racerback, classic tank, racer front, hi-low hemline, even hemline and a peplum top option.  Plus there is a tutorial for a pieced bodice (perfect for a princess dress!) so you can make a ton of variations without them all looking like the same dress.  I made the racerback with a hi-low hemline in a size 9.  

The dress fit beautifully with no adjustments and was spot on the size chart.  I do wish there was a finished length measurement though because my kid is leggy and I always like to double check the length of skirts for her.  Although I did not combine sizes for her there is a really nice tutorial on doing so in that pattern which I appreciate in any pattern.  I also really liked the detail on how to attach the bindings.  For people new to binding knits, this would be very helpful. And because the dress was SUPER fast to cut and make, it gets an extra point in my book :)

Overall, I liked the ease and the versatility of this pattern.  I already have another cut out for my younger daughter and I see this becoming a summer staple for my girls.  

Now, Rebekah and Carrie have some pictures to share with us! Rebekah modified the dress to fit her petite little girl. She tells us what she did below.

Hey everyone! I just wanted to give you a quick little blurb from me on this fun dress. I know this dress starts at size 2. Well, if you have a petite little girl like I do you downsize so she can enjoy those fun styles too. Ruth is almost 2, however she is in an 18mo and sometimes even a 12mo! So in order to make this dress fit her I did indeed downsize it. The red dress is comparable to an 18mo and the blue dress to an 18mo with 12mo width. I love it! So if your little one is older but petite, she can certainly pull off this look. After all, petite girls deserve some fun too!