Ms. Figgy's Garment School for Girls Book Review by Shelly Figueroa

Hi! I’m Camryn, age 13, and I’ve grown up watching my mom sew and have been in her pictures for many reviews, but this is my first review of my own. I’m reviewing Ms. Figgy’s Garment School for Girls - a book available from amazon by Shelly Figueroa.

The book has 15 different pieces, in size 10-16. The patterns range from Beginner (marked with 1 spool of thread) to advanced (3 spools). There are a few at either end of the spectrum, with the majority falling in beginner/intermediate level. The patterns are printed front & back on two large pieces of paper (sturdy paper), that come perforated & ready to tear out of the back of the book.

The book starts with sections on types of fabric, needles, and basic sewing information. I’ve sewn a few things, but not much...just pajama pants & pillowcases, but I was able to open the book & pick a trendy pattern that I liked & sew it up!


I choose to sew the Dolman top, in color blocked version. The Dolman was a “2 spool” intermediate item, but I didn’t have trouble! I first took my measurements, chose a size, then traced the pattern on clear painter’s tarp using a sharpie marker, like my mom does all her patterns. Then I cut it out, cut out the fabric, and started sewing. I had this done in about an hour, maybe less, even with my little brother trying to “help”.

I measured between two sizes & I chose the larger size so I could wear it a little oversized (and meet school dress code by covering my rear in leggings). If I wanted something more fitted, I would go with the smaller of the two sizes.


I like this book because it tells me what I need to know, and helps me learn how to sew them, with projects that I like & will actually wear (Dolman top, tank top, maxi shirt, A-line skirt, tunic, and more!)

(Mom’s note: this book was the bomb because my daughter & I are too similar! She has always loved fabric since it was “fav-ric” to her, and asked for a sewing machine a couple of years ago, but she didn’t want to learn sewing from me or listen to my advice (and in all honesty, I’m probably a wee bit micro managing).  She had the independence to sew without the information to make it work out very well. She was able to crack open this book & skim the front sections, pick a pattern, read how to trace, how to adjust to her body shape & sew it up in no time - with NO head-butting between she & I! I LOVE that she is learning to sew the proper way - each project gives little reminders like correct needle & stitch for the type of fabric, and recommended fabrics for the project. There are sections on technique, fabrics, the proper way to measure yourself, grainline, and what markings on patterns mean.  Projects for kids to learn to sew were geared towards children younger than her, and beginner projects for grown ups were boring to her. Being able to sew herself a maxi skirt or Doman shirt is perfect! She already has plans to sew more from the book - and don’t tell her, but I’m going to borrow the book to make a couple of the accessories!)