Wild Things Coat by Big Little Patterns

 “Snarl.  Roar.  Meow.  Neigh.”  says the newest coat pattern WILD THING from Big Little. Literally, that is a quote from the pattern. How fun does this pattern sound!  Wild Thing you make my heart sing! Ha, Ha… your turn to get that song stuck in your head.

This tutorial is huge. But it has to be because it contains 14 different animals. Animals that are included with full instructions are: Fox, Unicorn, Lion, Bear, Bunny, Dino, Cat, Mouse, Giraffe, Zebra, Horse, Donkey, Ladybird, Doggie.  Beaver, Panda,Tiger, and Dragon can also be made. The size range is 1-14. Which I think is absolutely great that she included all of the sizes in one pattern. When sewing for multiple children you can find it in one file.

 You can definitely accomplish that wow factor without a lot of work depending on what animal you choose. I created the bunny and mouse and the construction of those two animals was very quick. The coat is fully lined and looks gorgeous inside and out. You can create your coat in various materials from wool to quilting cotton. I chose to create mine in quilting cotton for spring and Easter. The coats do have tails! You can choose to make them removable by using snaps. I have had to already remove my daughters mouse tail due to the kids constantly pulling on it at preschool. My daughter's response was “ Momma,  cats chase mice.”

 I found the instructions to be very clear and precise. In the beginning there is a clickable contents list that is a tremendous help when trying to create your animal. Make sure and read through the instructions prior to starting your coat. Because there is so many animal options you could get confused if you step this step. The tutorial is loaded with plenty of pictures and illustrations to help guide you along the way. The  pattern pieces are layered so that you have the option to just print out a certain size.

 Overall there is A LOT of creativity and imagination in this pattern that the kids will go crazy about. I absolutely adore the finished product and am amazed that I made their coats. With all of the sizes and animals that are included, I have no doubt I will be making a tons more coats for many years to come.

Fox Version by Chris Stafford.