Hibernis Cowl Shirt by Sofilantjes

Hi, its Marnie from Horris and Deedle here to give a quick little review on a super cute pattern from Sofilantjes - the Hibernis Cowl.

If you are like me and hoard knits, this is the perfect pattern to showcase that knit that you’ve been holding onto for something special. I absolutely love European knits and European patterns for knits - and this one is so well thought out with lots of great fabulous options. I chose to sew one of the options, and will just show you a flatlay first because it’s a little easier to see the side contrast than on my daughter who cannot stand still and is tough to photograph. See those contrast panels and the little pockets at the side? Adorable!!

The Hibernis Cowl has lots of options to suit a wide range of tastes and needs. You can make a straight up t-shirt with a bottom band in either short or long sleeves. You can add in the side panels and if you would like some pockets too. There is a big pocket, perfect for stuffing little hands into, and a little pocket, perfect for holding all little sorts of treasures. I chose to add only the big pocket on mine, mostly because my daughter is like a little bird who is attracted to all things shiny at the moment and spends a great deal of time finding shiny things and stuffing them into her pockets, so I wanted to just  add pockets that were easy for me to clean out before throwing them in the wash. There is also as the name suggests, the option of adding a cowl that is completely removable, something I have never seen before. I didn’t add it to my shirt, as it is summer here and very hot, and winter isn’t often cold enough to need a cowl, but you can see that option in Rebekah’s pictures below. This pattern offers great value for money and allows you to create items suitable for a wide range of climates, whichever hemisphere you are living in!

I made my daughter a size 4. She actually measures right in the middle of a size 3 and 4 at the moment, but a 4 gives us a little growing room which is perfect seeing as it is not Winter here for some months. The pattern is sized from 12 months through to 14 years and I found the sizing to be absolutely spot on. The pattern is easy to print, put together and understand. For those who know how to sew and do not need a detailed tutorial, there are some summary pages at the end of the main tutorial that I really liked.

I used a European Cotton Lycra from Pehemia for this shirt that my daughter has been desperate for me to make her something from (she’s in a unicorn phase at the moment). It is a beautiful weight and superb quality. This pattern would work well for a wide range of knit fabrics - I will be pulling out the merino wool jersey when the weather cools and making a few more. Although I haven’t tried it yet, I’m sure the front would work for panels, and also for recycling t-shirts with great pictures or slogans on them. I love this pattern, my girl loves this jumper and I highly highly recommend it. Thanks for reading along,