Gabriella's Winter Coat by Bella Sunshine Designs

  I don't know about you, but this year is off to a great start!  It's Rebekah again, from Rebekah Sews, and I'm am off and running with another great pattern to tell you about.

  I live in New England and have enjoyed the great warmer weather we have had all Fall and beginning of Winter.  But all good things have to come to an end, right?  Well, weather-wise anyways!  As for patterns, let's hope those never come to an end!  It has dipped into the 30's here, which was perfect timing for this pattern.  Gabriella's Winter Coat is by Bella Sunshine Designs and is one of those patterns that is a goody for sure.  It is a fun take on the traditional peacoat and comes in sizes 6mo-12y.  The bottom is full and girly. It has pockets, and it has a mandarin collar to protect the neck.  Now, I made this coat in one day and I wouldn't suggest doing that, as it took the whole day.  It is an intermediate pattern with various sewing techniques and many pattern pieces.  I would definitely space it out as to not be overwhelming.  Having said that, it was a dream to sew.  Every pattern piece lined up PERFECTLY and the tutorial is nice and clear!

For my coat I made a size 18mo, as that is where baby girl fell into on the size chart.  I did take a little risk as I used a thicker fuzzy material for the lining.  I have no idea of what this fabric actually is -I found it at a thrift mart- and my sewing room now looks like fuzzy bear exploded in it.  LOL!  However, it worked. And the coat fits her perfectly!  That said, I don't think we can put many layers under the coat, since the lining made it bulkier than it was designed for.  So, you can use a bulkier lining, but I would suggest you size up for the thickness.  Also, because of this bulkier/heavier lining I did need to stitch in the ditch in-between the lining and hem facing in order for the lining not to fall down and be exposed under the hem.  I absolutely love the outcome!  And with the combination of the wool outer and fuzzy inner, it is super warm for baby girl!

 This coat is so cute and the end result looks amazing!  All seams are enclosed, which gives you the ultimate professional feeling when it is complete.  It is perfect for dressing up, or just for being nice and warm.  I highly recommend this pattern and enjoyed making it, despite my procrastinating.   This is really one of those confidence boosting patterns you stand back after and are like, "I can't believe I made that!  Dang, I am amazing!"