Boo! Designs Sleeved Leotard

Hi there, Rachel here again. This time I’ve got a review of an amazing new leotard pattern for you - the Boo! Designs sleeved leotard is packed with options, loaded with tips and tricks for sizing and fitting, and the finished product is fantastic. 

Miss P has been taking dance classes since she was in preschool, and it’s her favorite thing to do. This year we’ve enrolled her in three different classes, and one of them is a classic ballet “tech” class that focuses on skill development. It sounded terrifying to me, but she loves it. ;) We arrived for the first class in head-to-toe pink only to find that this class uniform is a black leo. Oy. She stood out like an adorable fluff of cotton candy, but I knew I needed to get that sorted out. Boo! To the rescue. :)

If you’ve ever sewn a Boo! Designs pattern before, you know they’re set up in choose-your-own-adventure style. Tons of options with great illustrations for each, and a comprehensive tutorial that is easy to navigate and follow based on your chosen details. This leo pattern includes several bodice styles, two attached skirt options, and multiple sleeve styles and lengths. Since Miss P’s uniform required a basic black one-piece leo, I went with the flutter sleeves to add a little style. I used supplex from Zenith and Quasar fabrics for this one, which is one of my favorites for dancewear. It wears well and holds its shape, and even after multiple washings (and even a few absentminded trips through the dryer) doesn’t show any fading or pilling.

When it came to sizing, I followed the measurement guide for taking accurate measurements (and holy smokes, my kiddo grew a TON this summer!) and then adjusted the pattern pieces to fit. The pattern pieces are not layered, but they are nested; even though I don’t always love sifting through all of those lines and sizes, it does make it easy to blend sizes when needed (and the instructions in the tutorial for blending are fantastic). The first one I made for P came up a little short and dug into her shoulders, so I went to the next size and added a little length in the torso. As you can see, the fit is perfection. The neck, arms, body, and leg openings all fit well, and she can dance her little heart out for hours without having to adjust or pull the leo from her tush. Phew!

I know I’ll be using this pattern for years to come, thanks to the range of options and extended sizing. What options will you choose first? How will you girl wear her Boo?? Make sure to stop by the PR group on Facebook and share!


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