Scalloped Bedding Set by Patterned for Home

Hey everyone,  Rebekah from Rebekah Sews here!  As you may have heard or seen I am expecting a baby!  Currently I am 33wks along (not that I’m counting or anything, lol).  I can’t wait to meet my little girl!  For this baby I had one pleasure that I haven’t had with any of my other kiddos.  That is the room and time to create and decorate a real nursery.  When I saw the preview of the Patterned for Home Scalloped collection I just knew it would be perfect for the nursery especially, when we found out we were having a little princess.  Currently, the collection has only three pieces: a fitted crib sheet, a decorative pillow, and a quilt.  There are plans for adding more pieces to the collection as time allows for designer Jen.  Now each pattern comes with a home printing option and a copy shop option.  These patterns are a little more unique in that they all have worded instructions in the actual pattern themselves.  This means no photos of each step.  However, there is an accompanying free YouTube video on each pattern.  I honestly found this so helpful, even more so than some tutorial photos, as I tend to be a highly visual person.


Let’s start with the simplest pattern first.  This is the Fitted Crib Sheet.  I honestly was very surprised at how easy this was and how fast a sew too!  It literally took me 2hrs from cutting the pattern out to putting it on the crib mattress.  Everything is beautifully finished with french seams and enclosed elastic.  You really can’t go wrong with this one.  We all know that babies can easily need several sheet changes for many reasons.  This is an easy way to make cute and custom sheets so easily that still match your decor.  This pattern is easy enough for a beginner too!

Now let’s move onto the Scalloped Pillow Cover.  When I made the set I started with the blanket first.  I would suggest doing the pillow first as the video tutorial for the pillow is a bit better than that of the blanket and gives a couple useful tips that the blanket one does not.  If I had started with the pillow I think my mitered edges would have come out so much better on my blanket than they did.  The pillow took me about 2-3 hrs from start to finish mostly due to scallops.  The scallops and mitered edges make both the pillow and the blanket intermediate patterns.  I love that the pillow is really a cover over a pillow form which makes this totally washable!  

Last but not least is the shining glory!  The Scalloped Crib quilt.  This is actually my first quilt that I have actually finished.  I really couldn’t be prouder!  I used the same fabric as the pillow with a soft chenille backing.  It couldn’t be more cozy!  I won’t lie this quilt took a bit on time.  I worked on it for two days about 3-4hrs each day.  It is a bunch of material and three layers to work with as well as doing the mitered edges and the scallops.  Once you add the quilting finish at the end you have a beautiful work of art sure to be treasured by anyone.  It is really satisfying to finish this beauty!  

I couldn’t be happier with this set!  It really put the finishing touch on our little girl’s swan nursery.  I so look forward to snuggling up in the rocker and rocking my little one knowing that my back is supported by the pillow and we are both warm because of her beautiful quilt.  I know she will be snug safe in bed laying her head on her mama made sheet too.  If you are making your own bedding for your baby girl or toddler for that matter, this set is the perfect for any girly room!