The Glitz Top and Dress By Little Lizard King

 Little Lizard King came out with the loveliest Holiday Collection: Dream, Sparkle, Shine.  Today Merav is sharing her review of the Glitz Top and Dress, and Kim is sharing pics of her City Lights Skirt to give you all a little holiday sewing inspiration. 

“Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it now”

That’s what my six year old was singing to me as the snowflakes were landing on her hair.

Hi it’s Merav from Baby Hobbes Design showing off some skin today. My little glamour kid loves being stylish! Even during a snowstorm, she couldn’t wait to sport her new Glitz top from Little Lizard King, and show off her peekaboo sleeves.

Glitz pattern features options for both top and dress (we are mostly into tops these days to avoid wearing stockings) and the option for peekaboo and closed short or long sleeves. The Bohemian inspired baby doll style combines a relax high waist, with a 2-button back closure and tightly gathered skirt for optimal volume and twirl-ability. Two thumbs up for a placket-free skirt.

The Peekaboo was the highlight for my kid. But for me, I have a love/hate relationship with bias bonding. I tend to shy away from any pattern that features it; but I wasn’t willing here. I normally just cut two and make a lining to avoid bias tape, but I didn’t want to add the weight to the sleeves since they have a lovely poof around the cut out--an extra layer of fabric might weigh it down. Instead, I decided to cut a fabric facing for it. I just traced around the curve in the sleeve and added 1.5 inch width.

See here how it’s done (from left to right):

I am really pleased with the result. I knew the pattern would be a hit with Hobbes, and I love how quickly it came together once I solved my sewing dilemma. In retrospect, I should have just jump in and done the bias bonding--the way it’s written in the pattern. But I am not worried-this pattern goes up to a size 12, so I’ll have many more opportunities to play with it.

As for bias bonding: you are on my Sewing Resolutions for 2017!

Till next time, Happy Sewing!

Merav @ Baby Hobbes Design


Kim's City Lights Skirt