Belle Rococo Dress by FooFoo Threads

Hi! I am Kim from Better Dressed Child.  Are you ready for a review of another Foo Foo Threads dress?  I am pretty excited to share : ) here we go…This is only my second Foo Foo Threads pattern, Crazy huh?  I say this because, after reviewing the  Foo Foo Threads Enthusiast Group - I am pretty sure I am in LOVE with every sweet little girly design :)!!!  

The Belle Rococo dress did take a pretty long time to create, specifically those ruffles (no worries, there is also a much simpler, quicker version).  The instructions are very, very descriptive.  I remember the last Foo Foo Threads pattern I had created having very descriptive directions as well.  I personally prefer simple directions but it will not stop me from purchasing more Foo Foo Threads patterns.  The fit is really great and the construction has a very professional look.  I do adore the dress!  Mila loved it as well and though she was a Princess when twirling around in it : ).