Kailua Town Dress from Little Lizard King

Well, Cassie has once again knocked it out of the park with the Kailua Town dress from Little Lizard King.  This sweet little dress has a knit bodice and a woven skirt, but it can also be made completely out of knit too.  The bodice has a nice curve to it and it creates a little hi-lo hem on the skirt.  The thing that really sets this one apart from the other knit/woven dresses is the bodice construction and the skirt options.  The bodice is fully lined which eliminates the need for a neckband.  It also features cuffs, whether you pick the long sleeve or the short sleeve.  Having the cuffs means not having to hem the sleeves!  For the skirt, I chose to do a hem band, but this dress also includes an option for a fun little ruffled bubble effect or a hemmed edge.  

As far as construction goes, I did not have any issues.  The pieces all fit together perfectly.  I did have a slight issue when I was attaching the bodice to the skirt.  I think my serger went into the seam and it caused it to bubble out a little on the bodice.  Not the end of the world and I can easily fix it with some top stitching.  Make sure you measure before you cut and sew.  My daughter either had a little growth spurt while I was making it, or it runs a tad small. It didn’t help that the knit I decided to use was super heavy and didn’t have a ton of stretch, so the added layer in the bodice made it a little tighter than it would have been if I had used a standard weight knit.  Overall, it is a wonderful pattern and it is puddle jumping approved!!

Additional views by Jo and Nicole.