Nivalis Tunic and Dress by Sofilantjes Patterns

Hello! Leonie from Blue Wren Handmade in Australia here, ready to talk with you about the Nivalis Tunic and Dress pattern from Sofilantjes Patterns…. I am a fan. I elected to create a dress with a contrast bodice, ¾ length sleeve and lined hood. My darling little pudding is now measuring at just under a Size 7 chest and, as I continue to live in hope that this is the size where her limbs actually catch her trunk, I went with a straight size. It is a little on the bigger size all round, but I was aiming for that as it is still summer here and am wanting to stock her winter wardrobe.

I have sewed with Sofliantjes Patterns before and have previously enjoyed using them, this one is no exception {my previous statement may have given that away already…}. There is fantastic information on multi-sizing pattern pieces and very comprehensive measurement charts, in both metric and imperial. In fact, there are charts for every conceivable fabric allowance and finished measurement possible.

There is a layered printing option and another chart telling the user which pages to print for each size and pattern option {of course, I am far too lazy to have actually used it… let’s just run with it being thoroughly tested and accurate!}.

The instructions have colour coded computer generated line drawings to accompany the written instructions. I have said it before, but I will say it again, I am really, really bad at reading and sewing, so I absolutely love clear pictures - they really work well with my glance and sew technique! Naturally, I did take the time to read them for this review and found them to be very concise and I do like the cute little purple boxes with the additional options and sidenotes. Furthermore, there are both written and pictorial summaries at the back of the pattern, so if you are one who likes to print your pattern instructions out, these are a great option.

There are very few photos of finished garments - not a bad thing by any means, it allows for little imagination to apply the available options and create a look you are happy with, minus the preconceived bias.

Onto the design… my daughter loves stretchy fabrics, so this is a winner. She also finally enjoys wearing dresses, so winner again. Plus there is the hood {or wood, in her whacky brain!} option, again, massive winner.

‘Tis highly likely that I will be creating more of these in the coming months as, despite the continuing horrendous 30+ degree Celsius weather we are suffering here in subtropical Brisbane, my little darling even refused to take off her long sleeved dress when we went outside! Possibly I should have sewed up a capped sleeve version, but truthfully I was looking toward {and forward to} the eventually impending winter…