Zane Joggers by Elliedactyl

Before we get into the meat of this review, I've got 2 special coupons for our fans! You can get the Zane Joggers and anything else in your cart at Elliedactyl for 20% off through 3/14/16 with the code Revolution20. Duck Butt Designs was nice enough to send their Roller Coaster Tee over for the reviewers to pair with the pants (perfect combo!) and they are offering a coupon for you all too! Use code RollerRevolution for 20% off on patterns (bundles and add ons excluded) through 3/4/16.


My little guy is all about movement—how fast can he run away from me when I am trying to get his shoes on and what furniture to climb on next. I try to dress him in soft comfortable pants that won’t restrict his movement or ride up funny on his legs; and, because he still likes to crawl on the floor, won’t slide off. As soon as I saw the Zane Joggers by Elliedactyl with the different color blocking swoop options, I knew I had to sew it for my little mover.

This is one of those patterns that you are going to want to print/tape once. There are so many options built into the pattern pieces including single print, 2 or 3 colorblocks, and pockets that I recommend keeping the original pattern intact and tracing the look you want each time. This is when I sneak up to the kitchen and borrow the roll of wax paper—it makes the BEST (and cheapest) tracing paper. 

For my little guy, I decided to make the pants with all three color blocking options. That morning I received my shipment of Birch Organics from Threads and Stitches Facebook shop and just had to cut into those cars. I chose to skip the awesome pocket because my one-year-old doesn’t have anything to carry in them yet--but I am excited to have them for next year, he’ll need a place to store all of his sweet preschool treasures.

I love the look of the swoops and really wanted a shirt to match these amazing pants.  At the time, Elliedactyl didn’t have a matching shirt so I quickly searched our pattern partners and found Duck Butt Designs’ Rollercoaster top had similar lines. I placed the fabrics so the angles all match up and voila; a perfect outfit streamlined for speed with the Roller Coaster on top and Zane Joggers on the bottom.

Maybe I made them to speedy? little guy refused to stop moving and cruising for photos. But even rolling around on the floor and jumping up and down-the pants stayed put. No wardrobe malfunctions.

Additional photos by Leonie and Rebekah.