Mackinaw Coat by Call Ajaire

The Mackinaw Coat is the latest pattern by Designs by Call Ajaire, and in true DBCA style it is an absolute dream to sew. It’s complicated-looking pattern, but Ajaire walks you through every step so very simply and easily, if you just take your time you will end up with an amazing jacket for your child and the feeling like you’re a couture sewist. I’m not even joking, the tiny details included in this jacket pull it all together so well and the instructions help you with even the most complicated pieces. I feel that even a beginner sewist could attempt this and have amazing results if they are good at following directions and patient, just take that leap of faith! Do not feel intimidated by all the information and pages of this pattern, it’s so precise and thorough you’re going to fall in love with it as much as I have; just be aware that it does contain many pages, steps, and pattern pieces.

I found the lower back center with the hidden belt loop a little tricky, but once I read it a few times and unpicked it a few times I ended up with the coolest back-of-a-jacket I have ever sewed. There are so many features for this coat, but I sewed up the regular collar and chose grey and black plaid for a hipster-look. It almost has a smoking jacket vibe! I would really love to get some red plaid and some sherpa for the collar and do a second coat! It’s so trendy, the sash and the perfect little pockets as well as the center back belt loop (did i mention that? Let me mention it again, it’s so rad!) just made this a really great sew.

Rachel's Version

Rachel also sewed up the Mackinaw Coat for her little girl. Rachel commented that the pattern is very well written and thorough, but it's not a quick sew. Possibly too daunting for a beginner due to the number of steps and pattern pieces, but a sweet reward for anyone willing to put in the time and effort. Ari, it looks like you and Rachel both are thinking the same thing when it comes to adding Sherpa to the collar. Sure looks cozy to me!