The Dulcie Skirt by Bobkin Designs

We're excited to feature the Dulcie Maxi by Bobkin today. Be sure to read through to the end to score a 25% discount on the pattern (and if you are outside Australia, keep in mind the exchange rate probably works in your favor).

Hello, it’s Marnie here with a review of the latest release from Bobkin Designs, The Dulcie Skirt.

The Dulcie Skirt is a beautiful little skirt perfect that will tick the box for all those little ladies out there who have been begging for a maxi skirt. It’s available in Sizes 3-12 and is a fast and easy sew. With the world slowly turning and seasons changing (I am in complete denial and have not yet come to terms with Summer leaving the Southern Hemisphere), a maxi skirt is perfect for bridging the gap in between cold and hot seasons and will be adored by whomever you are sewing for. It’s suitable for a wide range of fabric types (think quilting cottons, voile, lawn, rayon, chiffon - basically lighter fabric types) and it’s always nice to use up some of the stash so as to create more space to justify purchasing more fabric to squeeze back into the shelves immediately (c’mon, I know I’m not the only one who does this).

The skirt is rated intermediate, but the instructions are so fabulous, and it really is so simple to sew, that an advanced beginner could also tackle this with confidence. The construction differs a little from your standard skirt with a waistband and makes sewing far simpler and easier. And it is fast!! The skirt has a flat front and elastic back, making it both flattering, and practical for girls to dress themselves, and includes the option of side pockets for all those girls out there for whom pockets are a must.

I borrowed my friend’s daughter for this review as she is always begging me to sew her stuff and is at the perfect age for maxi skirt wearing. I mixed the sizing on hers, as she is tall and slim, and the fit was perfect. Figuring out length for a maxi skirt can be quite tough, and I found the length of this skirt to be perfect. Long, but not so long that a little girl will trip on the hemline as she walks. It really is the perfect addition to every girl’s wardrobe.

Whilst the pattern includes the maxi length, there are two other length options available if you join the Bobkin Sewcity facebook group in the pinned files. I used one of these options to create a skirt for my daughter. She’s been pulling this fabric out of my cupboard everyday for about a month now asking me to sew it into something for her to wear, and this really was the perfect skirt, and shows how versatile the pattern is.

Vanessa Bobkin is the designer behind Bobkin Designs. She is well educated in dressmaking, that is reflected in her pattern drafting and instructions, and drafts beautiful patterns for girls who love to look like ladies. Like all the other Bobkin patterns, I highly recommend this one. We are loving it! Thanks for reading along.


Jo's Version

Nacole's Version

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