Juliette Dress by Made for Mermaids

Ever feel like twirling around your sewing creations? Maybe it’s just me? but as soon as I attached the skirt to the halter top, I picked up my Juliette Maxi Dress off my sewing table and spun it around.

Easy, Breezy, and oh so Twirly. Yep! That’s how I am describing the new dreamy collection Juliette Pattern by Made for Mermaids. I made the simple and very beginner friendly maxi version (without ruffles) and my 6 year old Hobbes called it: Breezy Twirlicious! Soooooooo Breezy, that she decided it’s the perfect dress to pack for our beach vacation at the end of the month.

If you know how to fold fabrics in half (or in fourths for size 7 and under) you are halfway to cutting your skirt. I’ll be honest here, without the ruffles, I think the actual dress construction took me all of 20 minutes -- which is a win win for me when I am making something new. I even cut my skirt in two half circles because my pattern was one-directional and I didn’t want the dancers to be upside down. Speaking of the dancers, how fantastic is this Pastel Thrift knit by Art Gallery Fabrics? It was made to be twirled!

Juliette is a beginner friendly pattern, especially if you leave off the beautiful ruffle detail at the bottom. It can be made into a top, a dress or a maxi like mine. I do recommend that you spend time utilizing and understanding the size chart--know who you are sewing for and their measurement. According to the chart, Hobbes chest is a size 2, waist a size 3 and height just above a size 4. I knew going in that I will be cutting the next size up for length because I wanted it to be long on her--the maxi as is, is meant to hit at the ankle. I ended up cutting a size 3 front bodice, a size 2 back bodice (and elastic) blended into a size 3 at the bottom, and a size 5 skirt length with a 3 waist. It’s a very easy pattern to blend sizes because you want the bodice to be fitted around the chest.

Thanks Art Gallery Fabrics for sponsoring my look.


Happy Sewing!

~Merav at Baby Hobbes Design

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