Molly Scoop Back Dress by Simple Life Pattern Company

Hello!  I’m Kari from That’s-Sew-Kari with a review of Molly’s Scoop Back Top, Dress, and Maxi by Simple Life Pattern Co.  This pattern is one of SLPco’s latest designs and it’s loaded with options to truly customize it to your little lady’s taste.  These options include: 3 lengths (top, dress, or maxi), collar (or not), and faux pintuck bodice (or plain).  The pattern covers sizes 2t - 12.  

My 5 year old chose a top version with no collar and plain bodice.  I’ve mixed sizes 2t (width) and 4t (length) today. Luckily the pattern prints in layers making it easy for me to select just those two sizes for easy blending.

One thing that I love about SLPco patterns is the visual appeal of the back of the garment.  This pattern showcases a deep scooped back, perfect for hot summer days ahead.  We’re already in the 80s here in NC and it’s only April.  Of course, if you’re headed into Fall/Winter, I’d recommend sewing Braxton’s Blazer to finish off your outfit.

Under the bodice, is a hidden placket.  It went together easily enough, but there is a video link in the tutorial if you get stuck.

Because Miss 5 suddenly has an opinion on everything she wears (the nerve!), I decided to take her to Hobby Lobby to pick out her own fabric.  This way, I could ensure she’d actually wear it.  There, she found this lightweight textured white fabric for her top.  She also found a madras plaid fabric from which she requested capris.  Luckily, I had just sewn Emilya’s Skinny Pants (also SLPco) for her older sister and knew there was a capri option.  BONUS: They fit the same size pant so my printed pattern pieces were ready to use!

She does cut loose during photos from time to time, especially when she’s really happy with her new outfit.  She is very pleased with it as am I!  At first I was slightly bummed that she didn’t want to try the dress options or the collar and pintucks, but after seeing the finished result, I’m glad she chose simple.  It’s just as stunning as its counterparts, but in a quiet and classic way.

Everything went together rather easily and I will definitely try out some of the other included options.  However, if I had a magic wand, there are two things I’d change about the pattern.  First, I’d add a height column to the size chart.  As a mom of slim girls, I always have to mash sizes.  However, it’s hard to know what size they’d fall under in height if it’s not listed.  I cannot go by age as my 7 year old falls under size 5 in most patterns, but not all.  Second, I’d make a change to the placket.  I realized at the end of completing my garment, that I had a raw edge where the placket was sewn onto the skirt.  Looking back in the instructions, it does say to apply Fray Check to this edge to prevent fraying.  I would have preferred an enclosed placket as I don’t have any Fray Check (never used it before!).  Neither of these are deal-breakers, however, but things I’d change given the chance.

What combo would you choose for Molly? Check out my friend's versions below!

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