Reese Party Dress by modkid

The Reese Party Dress by modkid is a darling pattern that features a front V neck with 2 views (with or without collar) and a unique asymmetrical crossover back bodice with a button closure. Modkid patterns are known for very clear illustrations and top notch instructions. If you are beginner sewer and looking for patterns with excellent techniques and instructions modkid is definitely a very safe bet!

The classic party dress look is perfect for showcasing coordinating fabrics, especially on the detail pieces like the sash, collar and button tabs. 

I went with a straight size 5 based off the measurement chart. I was unsure exactly what length I wanted to go with because Abby has been growing so fast, so I ended up skipping the regular hem and doing a ricrac hem so save a 1/2". The regular hem would have been the perfect length, but the ricrac hem ensures it will last through the summer! 

The button tabs are a really cute detail. Abby thinks they will be perfect for helping to carry her swords. I know she looks like a party girl in this dress, but her alter ego is a sword wielding ninja, so sword holders they are!

I've never sewn a dress with a crossover back like this before, and it is definitely unique. I'm certainly not going to complain that because of the crossover only one button is needed. 

Abby is thrilled with her modkid Reese Party Dress. I need to practice my bow tying skills apparently, but she was so excited about her new outfit she wouldn't hold still enough for me to get the perfect bow!

To find out more about modkid patterns, visit the modkid group on Facebook or take a look at our past modkid features below.

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