Adelyn's Scoop Back Top and Dress by Simple Life Pattern Company

It’s 9pm {when I am writing this} do you know what your daughter is wearing tomorrow? Or in 45 min?

How about SLPco Adelyn? A beautiful, yet very simple to sew (hello beginners) all-knit or knit/woven twirlicious dress?

About a week ago, I woke up with a creative spark, and a need to sew up some of the beautiful Lavish Fabrics by Art Gallery Fabrics that’s been sitting on my sewing table-begging to be touched, for our upcoming multi-city family summer vacation. Now I have booked and planned this trip several months ago, and planned to sew a brand new wardrobe for Hobbes and Lil Guy--but a lot has occurred, including the loss of my mom, that slowed me down and simply created a productive lull. That morning, I woke up excited to sew and I just needed a right pattern to break out of my hiatus.

Eek! I am so glad I picked up Simple Life Patterns Company’s Adeyln’s Scoop Back Top and Dress (again). I’ll come clean, I did test this pattern—made a top back in February and always planned to visit the pattern again once it was released. This time, I opted for the dress, in all knit because I knew that in 30 min (I gave you 45 minutes because you are new to the pattern) I’ll have a completed look (or two) for our vacation.

You can purchase the pattern in either NB to 18-24months, or in Girl sizes 2t-12y! I made Hobbes dress in a size 4 bodice and a 3 skirt, and I chose to elongate the bodice. At 6, my daughter still has a bit of a round belly that sticks out. To fix the “dress jetting out and up from the belly look” I started adding a couple of inches of length to most bodices, so they will sit closer to her natural waist. For this pattern, I added 2 inches to the length of the bodice pattern. You can do this with any pattern. You need to know where your child’s natural waist hits, and measure that distance from the arm cycle. Add or subtract the result to your pattern. But remember, whatever you are adding or subtracting, you need to do the same for the skirt, otherwise your final measurements will be off!

The Adelyn pattern also comes with lots of options. First it can either be all Knit, or a combo of knit top and woven blend skirt. Choose top or dress length with either a circle skirt or gathered skirt. (***if you choose the combo, my friend Nicole-see pictures below, recommends clear elastic in the waist for extra support since the bottom fabrics weighs more.)  You can make it sleeveless, flutter, short or long sleeves. You can have a wide scoop or a narrow scoop, oh! And let’s not forget that surprise in the back BOW. I chose to add a thick woven bow for a WOW moment in the back. You can add the bow to the back (either skinny bow or thick) or you can leave that off all together! The bodice is always knit, but you can choose to use woven for the skirt, bow ties, and/or flutters! It is such a versatile dress!

In 30 minutes, Hobbes had her first trip dress, and I was proud of myself for sewing again. And what I love most about sewing this pattern-especially if you cut a circle skirt out of knit…NO gathers and NO need to hem the dress. The next one I made took me 20 minutes from cut to sew.

Till next time! Happy sewing!

Merav @ Baby Hobbes Design


Raedene's Version

Chris's Version


Nicole's Version