Sun Dancer by Little Lizard King

You SCREAM!! We SCREAM !! We all SCREAM!! For Sun Dancer!!

Hey y’all it’s Nicole and I’m here to scream loudly about the Sun Dancer by Little Lizard King designed by Cassie.

This dress features a sweetheart neckline with an adorable placket.  It can be made a top/dress or maxi length. Perfect for those hot summer days and or to layer up on those crisp, cool nights.


Cassie also included a new way to really customize the bodice to fit those little ones who are in between sizes or are smaller. I needed this new technique for Miss. Clara Mae she is a mighty yet tiny 4 year old.

When I got this assignment I just IG stalked from Quilt Market and found Made by Dana Boardwalk prints to be the perfect pairing with the Sun Dancer. It is vibrant, fun, and summery which is perfect because this is what the Sun Dancer is.  When I think of a boardwalk it brings me back to my love of the ocean, sights sounds, and how bright, bold, and perfectly unperfect. I wanted to bring that story to life in each of my Sun Dancers. You will see that I did a placket bodice on Bella’s and a plain bodice on Clara Mae's to show how versatile this pattern is. I also did a dress length and a slightly shorter maxi length. I did both tie back.

What I really love about this design is you can really personalize this to suite your taste or if you have little divas who know what they want when they want it you can have them design their own. Sun Dancer coloring pages are available free in the Little Lizard King Facebook Group HERE. 

I added some fun pockets on the skirts because my girls love their pockets because they are always finding treasures.

I got a little creative with pockets on Clara Mae’s I stumbled across this fabulous Riley Blake Designs free ice cream cone quilt block tutorial with downloadable pattern pieces along with a youtube video to go right along with it. This is the perfect paper piece quilt block if you are new to it like me. You only have a few lines to sew and your adorable ice cream cone block is done.  I'll share some more photos at the end of this post so you can see how simple it is! 

 I love how this fabric pairs so beautifully with Cassie’s design and I can’t wait to see what y’all create with your next Sun Dancer and hopefully you’ll be brave and try out paper piece; it is a fun technique to add to your garments. Plus this is super beginner level. If I can do it…. So can you!!

Be sure to join the LLK facebook group In the file section you will find an adorable Sun Dancer coloring pages for your little one to create their own dress and their mama’s can sew up their creations in real life :)

Stay cool...Stay sweet… Have fun playing with your own personal version of the boardwalk!!



Alexis's Version

Ice Cream Cone