The Be Confident Tunic by Ellie and Mac Patterns

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a turn at sharing some awesome patterns with my fellow sewing friends.  Today I get to tell you about a new pattern by Ellie and Mac!  

The Be Confident Tunic can be made with all knit or knit and woven combination.  I choose all knit since I had a t-shift for upcycling and some custom knit fabric I’ve had for a while.

My Minecraft obsessed daughter requested that I upcycle a t-shirt she found at Target a few months ago.  I also had some leftover custom Minecraft knit fabric from a dress I previously made, so this was a perfect match for us.  She loves the feel of soft knit dresses, and I actually prefer working with knit over cotton woven.  

Be Confident Tunic has a high low skirt, and there are two types of skirt options.  For this review I choose the single front skirt, your other option is an open front skirt.  I know a lot of you are nervous to try sewing with knits, but I promise it's not as hard as it seems!  The pattern designer has made it really simple to create beautiful pieces.  What I love about the instructions are the  detailed supply list, resources,  and tips page.  

You can really jazz this pattern up with appliques and appliqué patches, the resources page includes information on where to buy them.  If you would like to see some dresses using this technique  you really should join the designers Facebook group.  It is a great place to see variations of the Be Confident Tunic and her other designs.  

Over all I enjoyed sewing this pattern and had no problems with the detailed instructions and the construction.  It came together in about 90 minutes and that included printing, taping the pattern,  and cutting my fabric.  Most importantly my daughter loves this style and has requested more like it!