Jalie 3024 Knit Dress by Jalie Patterns

Jalie 3024 fits in perfectly with what I look for in a pattern - quick, minimal pieces and steps, and something that is easy to fit.  I am petite (5’2”) with a high waist, a fuller bust and post-partum swayback, which my fellow seamstresses can attest to - means several pattern adjustments for a great fit.  For this knit dress, I selected View A with the flounce (which I left raw per the instructions), and made my usual height and bust adjustments; removing 2-inches at the waist split between the bodice and waist inset, adding those 2-inches back to the skirt length, and completing a 1-inch full bust adjustment (FBA).  Because the front and back pieces are identical in this pattern for view A, there are no shorten/lengthen lines, which was fine by me.  Despite my height, I prefer a dress that stops just at or below my knees, so adding the length back was met my personal preference.

I was DYING to use this gorgeous knit fabric, gifted to me by the lovely Becca DuVal of Free Notion, but unfortunately, I do not have the fabric details to share.  I made a HUGE rookie move, and confirmed the stretch along the width, but not the length, and this could have been disastrous, but seems to have still worked out in the end (I wouldn’t recommend chancing it if you are able to avoid it).  When I did my FBA, I did have a little trouble telling the front from the back, and thought I could have lengthened the bodice a tad, but I bet that is the result of using a fabric without vertical stretch.  I also added two fish eye darts onto the back skirt piece to accommodate my swayback - this is an adjustment I am finding effective at helping the back of my dresses to lay well and minimize the tenting that I typically get in my ready-to-wear dresses..

Overall, I could see this pattern making a regular showing in my wardrobe in different fabrics with and without the flounce.  It’s a very simple sew - the hardest part was picking the right fabric!  I mean, seriously, who doesn’t love a boatneck?!?!?  And the fact that there is a “Sewing with Jalie” Facebook Group to ask the designer questions and sizes that extend from children to adults - are the cherry on top of quick-sew-sundae!