Brook Blossom Skirt for One Thimble Issue 12

Wowza! How many of you woke up in a frenzy when you realized its September and you haven’t started on your kids Back 2 School wardrobe? Well, that was me last week! After taking the summer off from sewing (yes, you heard it right ­­ we were away for most of it) I dusted off my sewing machine and was determined to sew for Hobbes’ first week of school.

This season, I am all about mix and match separates for my 1st grader. I want her to have the opportunity to create her own unique style, while incorporating my handmade items, mixing with some ready to wear tees and jeans from our local Chicago shops. When I showed her the Girl’s Brooke Blossom Skirt by Orange Daisy Patterns in last month’s One Thimble issue 12, she just jumped up and squealed and asked for me to add it to her collection.

This pattern is HUGE! But don’t get discouraged by the 62 pages of print. The Blossom skirt comes in THREE different skirt length and has a size range from 2T to 20. You can either print it all once and trace your size; Hobbes can wear this pattern for another 10+ years, OR chose the layered option found on page 6 and just print your size. If your printer is wonky like mine, page 7 breaks down each style and size and includes the page number to print.

It’s always a WIN for me when a pattern can be sewn with a 1 ­yard cut. For our skirt, in a blended size 3/4, Hobbes and I (she helped tape, cut and pin the pattern) were able to fit it all on just one of my 1­ yard cut from previewing SisBoom, by Jennifer Paganelli new Hotel Frederiksted Fabric collection, coming out in November. We chose to blend the sizes (example on page 5 of the pattern) to adjust for her small waist, and decided to sew the High/Low option because it makes Hobbes feel like a mermaid. The skirt can also be made in short or maxi length.

When looking at the pattern picture, and before reading the pattern and techniques, I questioned the sewing level (intermediate) as the skirt in the picture appears simple (2 half circles and a waist band) to sew for even this advanced beginner. I was AMAZED to read (and learn) some new techniques once I started to review the pattern. This skirt is meant to conceal all seams and is filled with tricks like French Seams, Hidden Elastic Casing and a Rolled Hem (which I left out). It’s truly a CLEAN masterpiece, and lovely to sew with just a regular sewing machine.

You can still get your copy of stand alone Brook Blossom Skirt here or find it in the complete One Thimble Issue 12 digital magazine filled with a collection of patterns to get you energized and sewing daily.

Till next time, Happy Sewing!

­Merav, Baby Hobbes Design