Alivia Dress from The Handmaiden's Cottage


Hey! Long time no see! It seems like it has been ages since I got to post a review! I moved to a new town, and in the process, I lost all my local models, so I haven’t been sewing for little girls in quite some time! Then, by chance, a friend of mine bought the house four doors down and has an adorable little girl that I can sew for!

Handmaiden’s Cottage is a new to me designer. I had heard of them, but had never sewn anything of theirs as Jody was already past the sizes and styles by the time I heard of them! I love the classic look of this dress, so I jumped at the chance to sew it up. I knew her mom would love the style as well!


As you can see from her smile, she loves this dress! I have sewn a few things for her and she says this is her favorite so far! I have a feeling I will be sewing more classic style dresses for her!


I went to my fabric stash and saw this floral and thought it was perfect for Autumn and a little girl. Thankfully, I had a perfect solid green to match!

The directions are thorough, but be sure to read through before you start cutting your fabric, as they have you cut and prep as you go. I am used to having all the cutting charts/options in one place, so this threw me off a bit! All of the seams are enclosed except the arm and side skirt seams, with the bodice lining and arm bands being handsewn to finish them.


The pattern has three skirt options, two collar options, and three sleeve options, which make it quite versatile if you are wanting to use it for many years!

I am excited to try another pattern by Handmaiden’s Cottage soon!

Happy Sewing!