The Jezebelle Apron by Handmaiden's Cottage

Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 9.57.57 PM.png

Today, I’m reviewing the Jezebelle Reversible Apron from Lynn of Handmaiden’s Cottage. It’s such a cute vintage inspired apron that fits right into the Handmaiden’s Cottage style. For this review Lynn graciously provided 2 yards of Anna Maria Horner’s Loulouthi Clippings in Passion Fruit and for the straps and ties I chose Anna Maria Horner Loulouthi Summer Totem and Anna Maria Horner Floral Retrospective Overachiever in Burgundy. For the reverse side I picked some fabric from my stash that had a cute saying, “Motherhood, if you’re not exhausted you’re not doing it right.” According to my new apron I am totally nailing motherhood. On the reverse side I have a pretty floral print that makes me feel like an accomplished mom and hostess. Makes me look good and compliments my parenting? Best apron ever!

The Jezebelle pattern includes all the pattern pieces that you need, there was no measuring including the straps which scored bonus points for me. Me and cutting straight rectangles don’t go well together. I love the feminine sweetheart neckline and partial circle skirt bottom. I did make adjustments to my version to accommodate my baby bump. I blended the small and medium bodice which make it a little big now, but I’ll be nursing longer than I will be pregnant so I figured I should make it to fit after baby comes. I also shortened the bodice so that the seam where the bodice and skirt meet would sit above my bump and be comfortable. Once cut the pattern goes together pretty easily. If you have ever made anything reversible this isn’t any more difficult than say, a baby blanket. You are just sewing around curves instead of corners.

My favorite part is the single gathered pocket that gets added to both sides of the apron because everything is better with pockets.  If you are wanting to make this pattern as a gift you can always just finish the edges on a one sided apron or use white on one side and omit the pocket. However, being able to flip your dirty apron over to the pretty side as guests arrive is a huge bonus for me. With the holidays approaching you should totally bust out some stash fabric and sew this up for all the bakers and shakers in your life. Try incorporating some of their hobbies or habits instead of traditional “cooking” themed fabric. Be sure to share your creations in the Handmaiden’s Cottage Pattern Group and the Pattern Revolution Group on Facebook!