Megan Skirt by Designer Stitch

Hi! It’s Jessica, from Snickerdoodle Stew, and I have the pleasure of telling you all about my fabulous new skirt! This is the Megan Skirt from Designer Stitch. It accommodates US sizes 2-22, it has three views, and it’s the latest pattern from Australian designer Ann Grose.

I’m pretty new to self-care sewing, in the sense that I’m still learning to love the body I have, the state that it’s in, even as it changes while I lose weight. It would be easy for me to say I won’t sew anything for myself until I hit that magic number, but I’ve found that challenging myself and making goals (like sewing a new item every month) is almost as motivating as seeing those pounds come off. The Megan Skirt gave me an opportunity to make something new and pretty and even learn a little along the way.


Ann gives great instructions on how to take measurements and find the right fit for you. I am more of an apple shape and normally an A-line skirt is something I’d shy away from. I am more treble than bass (you’re welcome for the earworm) so sewing this pattern straight off the pages would have left me with excess fabric in the hips, as my waist to hip ratio is almost 1:1. I ever so slightly shaved some of the angle off of the sides to cut down on the extra fabric. I was between sizes, and for my particular shape needs, I feel like I could have gone down one size. Making a sample waistband will help you determine exactly what size you will need, and as is, this pattern is perfect for many body types!

I love the color blocking options of the Megan Skirt! This is really what drew me in to sew the skirt in the first place. I wanted to showcase the Loominous 2 fabric I had, but I didn’t have enough, so I got really creative with placement and direction. I also love the length. It shows a little leg (sorry for the glare, y’all!) but I feel like I could wear it to my kids’ ball games and not flash everyone on the opposing team’s bench. Paired with an easy tee and a cardigan, I now have more options in my mom-uniform collection, and I’m ready to Uber my way through the school pick-up line, Orff rehearsals, and baseball season.