The Island Getaway Tunic by Ellie and Mac

Hi everyone, it’s Brooke from Idlesunshine and I am reviewing The Island Getaway Tunic Pattern from Ellie and Mac. My nine year old was thrilled when I showed her this pattern, its funky one shoulder and asymmetrical skirt design is right on trend for her.

The Island Getaway Tunic has a full circle, asymmetrical skirt made from 2 short pieces and 2 long pieces. There are cutting instructions included in the pattern to cut the full circle skirt without any seams and that is what I chose to do for my version. I think it gives a more grown up feel to the dress, especially using the fabrics I chose. Though if (unlike me) you are lucky enough to have some gorgeous coordinating knit prints in your stash, they would look amazing in a pieced skirt!

I used a plain black cotton lycra for the bodice and a slinky printed knit for the skirt and bindings. This helps the skirt to drape really nicely. The pattern states that woven fabric can be used for the skirt as well as knits.

This pattern came together so quickly, it is a really great beginner knit project. I made it mostly using my overlocker/serger and just basted the beginnings of the side seams using my sewing machine, to ensure the binding seams stayed lined up perfectly.

I can imagine my girls using this pattern as a dance costume as well as a party dress. This little dancer found it transformed her from a ballerina to a salsa dancer and she couldn’t stop touching the skirt and twirling!

Rachel's version of the Island Getaway Tunic:

Rebecca's version of the Island Getaway Tunic: